Meet Our 2023 Winner – Tammy C.

You Can Still Win!

For every 20 generators sold, a winner will be selected (odds are 1/20 to win). Winners can select one of the following:

A FREE Generator*

• FREE Switches & Outlets**

• FREE Electrical Panel Change+


*FREE Generator – FREE Generator refers to generator equipment only. Once the generator installation is completed, winners will be credited back the cost of equipment ONLY via check.  **FREE Switches & Outlets – FREE Switches & Outlets refers to the replacement of all standard 120V receptacles (outlets), switches, and plates throughout the home. Applicable up to 2500 sq ft home. Offer excludes dimmer switches, USB, and night light receptacles and screwless cover plates.  +FREE Panel Change – FREE Panel Change refers to the replacement of old electrical panel and circuit breakers. Up to a 200 AMP 42-space panel. Offer excludes Smart Panels.

FREE 10-Year Warranty

Free with a purchase of a Whole-Home Standby Generator – a $1,035 value!

Prize-winning home owners in front of Generac whole home generator

Meet Our 2022 Winners: Bob & Becky

Bob and Becky hail from beautiful Bedford, NH.  We asked them to share with our customers a little about their experience with Heritage and what this generator giveaway has done for them.

Generac whole home generator

Peace of mind in as little as 2-days!

Standby generators will truly power your entire home, so you can stay connected and weather the storm with all your comforts!  And since whole-home standby generators are a permanent installation with their own fixed fuel supply, trudging outside in the rain and snow is a thing of the past.  They offer a true set-and-forget package that kicks in so quick, you may not even have noticed you lost power!

And the best part?  We can have your generator installed and ready to run in as little as 2-days!  Keep your home on all winter with a professionally installed whole-home standby generator by Heritage.

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Ice Storm Power Outage

Why is having a whole-home standby generator important in New England?

With the wildly different weather conditions, we experience here in the Northeast, power outages are no uncommon occurrence for many of us.  As past winter storms have proven to us before, homeowners can be left without power for days or even weeks in our region when they get bad enough.  This can leave our homes vulnerable to damage from things like frozen pipes, and without essentials like running water if you live on a well.  A few of us might even have a portable generator tucked away in storage just for this, but they can be loud, smelly, and dangerous to operate if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Not to mention the hassle of playing the “guessing game” to see which breakers you can switch back on.