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Helping to Meet the Needs of Our Local & Global Community

The Heritage Helps Foundation is a private non-profit foundation founded by the owners of Heritage Plumbing & Heating for the purpose of helping to meet the need within our local and global communities by partnering with 501c3 non-profit organizations focused on enriching the lives of children and families, especially the poor and disadvantaged.

The foundation is lead and overseen by a volunteer team of Heritage PHCE employees who represent our collective passion to give back out of what has been given to us.

Heritage Helps Foundation

Our vision for the foundation is rooted in our value of “partnering”. In the days ahead we see an ever-growing collection of Heritage PHCE employees, customers, and industry partners coming together in the spirit of giving to make an even greater impact in the lives of children and families in our backyards and across the globe. 

We value your support and appreciate your consideration to join us in our giving efforts. All donations are tax deductible. Interested in partnering or would you like more information on the foundation?

Supporting Local Non-Profits and Charities in Our NH and MA Communities

Mission Accomplished – Clinic in Malawi Africa now has running water and working plumbing!!

The Heritage Helps Foundation began an initiative to support our global community back in April. Specifically, we set out to raise $10,000 to fix a well in the Kang’oma Village of Malawi, Africa. This was to ensure that running water would finally be available to the doctors, nurses, patients, and expectant mothers that travel (several miles in some cases) to the health clinic located in the village. This was labeled the Alive & Well Project.

From April to the end of June we were able to meet our $10,000 goal and then double it to $20,000. We were then able to and exceed THAT goal, through the generosity of Heritage customers, employees, and many of the vendors that we work with. Armed with these resources, volunteers including Jason Gilligan (Heritage technician) and Steve Chartier (Heritage co-president & co-founder) set off to Malawi, Africa for a ten day trip.

Over the ten days, the team was able to replace the old pump, excavating hundreds of feet of earth to replace new water supply piping and drainage and eventually connect the piping to the water tank – all to make sure that the clinic would have running water for the first time in years. While there, the team was able to also install new fixtures and connect running water to the homes of the medical staff. They also addressed electrical issues in the medical clinic and even helped an elderly woman in the village. This woman, nearly blind, had a home with a thatched roof that leaked heavily during the rainy season. This required her to leave her home to live with her son during this time. A carpenter was hired to address the issue and replace her roof.

This project was an amazing accomplishment. Due to this efforts, members of our global community will be positively impacted for years to come.

Zikomo! (“Thank you” in Chichewa, the language spoken in Malawi).
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