Is Your Electrical Panel Safe?

Is Your Electrical Panel Safe?

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Electrical Panel Circuit Breaker Fire

Your home’s electrical panel can be thought of as the heart of your home – it provides electricity for your refrigerator, your children’s favorite television shows, your husband’s power tools, and so much more. It distributes and receives electricity constantly; its system of circuit breakers protects your home from power surges and other possible hazards; and if it is regularly maintained by a licensed electrician, today’s panels can work properly and protect your home for 30 or more years! But you have to ask yourself one question: is your electrical panel safe?

Two brands of circuit breaker panels are hot topics – literally! Zinsco and Federal Pacific Electric electrical panels can be a major risk to your home; more than 25% of these two types of circuit breakers have been known to fail their major safety feature – tripping. When a panel is overworked or shorted out, it will “trip out” the circuit breakers, causing the flow of electricity to shut off. With this design failing in many kinds of electrical panels, your home and family is an danger of a fire or electrical shock. In addition to these two brands, any electrical panel that is over 40 years old is equally dangerous.

Electrical panels may operate fine for years, but as your home continually adds electrical demands to its system, it can overheat and cause melting inside the panel. This melting prohibits it from properly tripping, and then allows the panel to have extreme electrical supply surges. Once this happens, it cannot be stopped or even shut off manually. Electricity will continue to be distributed to the home which could lead to wires melting or the panel overheating and catching fire.

The best thing to do is have a licensed electrician inspect your home’s system, because the problems with the electrical panels cannot be seen with the naked eye. It’s very important that you don’t attempt to remove the breakers yourself.

Electric fire burned outlet


How Do You Know if Your Home is at Risk?

When you open your electrical panel cover, the manufacturer’s name will be on the inside of the door. If you can’t identify the type of panel you have, a home visit from a qualified electrician can help identify the age, manufacturer, and overall condition of the electrical panel. Experts recommend regular maintenance and inspections done on your electrical panels to protect your family from these potential hazards.



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Is Your Electrical Panel Safe?