Do A Mini-Split! – Flexibility of Ductless A/C Systems

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning

Do A Mini-Split!

Flexibility of Ductless A/C Systems

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New England is beloved for all its unique traits, including beautiful foliage, (the very best) sports teams, and, most importantly, historic older homes. These older homes are particularly relevant because they’ve often presented an issue for the world of air conditioning. Many were built before ductwork became standard, and without ducts, Central A/C Installation was impossible—until now!  Thanks to Ductless Air Conditioning, every homeowner can be well equipped to deal with New England summers.

Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Split Indoor Unit

Ductless Air Conditioning, also known as a “Mini-Split” System, is the perfect alternative to traditional central air conditioning systems. Flexible Ductless Mini-Splits have the ability to cool your home, heat your home, and remove humidity.

Flexible Installation

Similar to the design of a traditional systems, Mini-Splits consist of two main parts: an outdoor condensing unit, and indoor evaporating units.  The indoor units are known for their “mini” size, which gives you a lot of flexibility when deciding where to place them throughout your home. A small hole in a wall is enough to connect the outdoor compressor and indoor units via piping that is covered with the same material used in rain gutters. A considerate technician will avoid placing any piping on the front of your home, and will also reduce visibility by working along the design of your home’s structure. Any piping used can even be painted to match the color of your home!  Your neighbors may not even realize you’ve had a system installed until they step inside and feel the cool, refreshing difference.

Flexible Temperatures

Individual Room Customization Thermostat for a Ductless Mini-Split A/C System

One of the most impressive features of the Ductless Mini-Split System is its ability for customization. You can place the indoor units in multiple rooms or zones based on the layout of your home. Unlike a traditional central air conditioning system, which will cool your entire house or floor as a whole, a ductless mini-split system cools each individual zone. Every indoor unit has its own thermostat, and can be set and changed to a different temperature. If your kitchen gets too hot from the summer sun and the homemade chocolate-chip cookies baking in your oven, you can adjust the unit in that zone to be extra cool, while at the same time, if you have a daughter who enjoys the heat, she can adjust the unit in her room to a warmer setting.

Flexible Noise Level

If you’re tired of noisy window units, Ductless Mini-Split System will be music to your ears! While we offer the quietest possible traditional central A/C systems, nothing can compare to the exceptional silence of our ductless mini-split system. Plus noise level can be decreased even more, so if you have a unit in your bedroom, you can adjust the settings during the night to make it softer while you’re sleeping. Even while outside, you will be shocked at how quiet the compressor is.

Flexible Energy UseDuctless Mitsubishi AC

A Ductless System is also extremely energy-efficient. Since you can customize your cooling on an “as needed” basis, the system runs at variable rates throughout the day. This cuts down the amount of energy consumed, making your home more eco-friendly. Less energy also means lower utility bills! You’ll only be paying to cool the rooms you want to cool, and exactly how much you want to cool them.

Flexible Scheduling

While appreciating all the charms of New England, be sure to remember our saying, “No Ducts? No Problem!” Just Call Heritage today  or schedule service online and learn more about why a home without ductwork can be a very good thing. We do our best to work around YOUR schedule, and to be just as flexible as our Ductless Systems.



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