HomeAdvantage™ is a membership plan that rewards loyal Heritage customers with discounts, guarantees, priority service, and more. Any homeowner can join HomeAdvantage™ regardless of age of home, type of equipment, or service history.


HomeAdvantage™ Benefits

• Membership Portal
Manage appointments, contracts, and service history in our members-only site.

• Priority Response
You will always receive the first available emergency or non-emergency appointments.

• Guaranteed On-Time Arrivals
We’ll credit you $75 if we arrive later than the designated service window.

• Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee
Instead of our usual 1-year warranty, this guarantee covers all of the repair work we do for as long as you are a HomeAdvantage™ member. If our workmanship doesn’t hold up, we will fix the issue with no charge for labor.

• Waived Minimum Service Fees
Save $89.

• Waived After-Hours and Emergency Fees
Save $189.

• 10% Discount on Repairs

• $500 Discount on Heating & Cooling Installations

• $250 Discount on Water Heater Installations

• $750 Discount on Fixed Standby Generator Installations

• $250 Discount on Electrical Panel Installations

• Up to 50% Discount on Maintenance

Maintenance is the yearly cleaning and safety inspection recommended by manufacturers to improve system efficiency. HomeAdvantage™ members receive up to 50% off maintenance costs on various plumbing, heating, cooling, and electric equipment. For example, a gas furnace cleaning that retails for $199 will only cost $99 ($8.25/month). Maintenance can be added to your HomeAdvantage™ membership at any time.


• Exclusive Prevention and Protection Service Upgrades
Members are eligible to upgrade their Maintenance service into Prevention or Protection service packages for an additional fee. See charts below for more details on what these service packages offer. Not all systems are eligible for each service package. Protection services only available up to the life expectancy of the system.



All benefits included for just $5.75/month!