Mitsubishi Ductless Air Systems

Mitsubishi Ductless Air Systems

An Energy Efficient Alternative For Homes or Rooms Without Forced Air

Mitsubishi Ductless Condensor service and installation in NH and MA

A ductless (or mini-split) air conditioner system is a versatile, efficient, and economic way to moderate your homes temperature all through the year. We are proud to be licensed contractors for the most advanced ductless system available on the market: Mitsubishi Ductless Technology.

The key to the Mitsubishi system is its ability to cool and heat based on use and need. This makes using a ductless system an economical and efficient way to cool rooms you use and not worry about the rooms that you don’t use. Every home is different, and every household uses their rooms differently. Having a system that can be tailored to you and your house is a smart way to stay comfortable year round and still save energy. These state-of-the-art units can be controlled by a remote control, giving you the freedom to adjust the flow of air based on your temperature preference and lifestyle. Using ductless AC technology can be as much as 40% more efficient than unsightly, light blocking window AC units.

We can install three different kinds of ductless units in your home depending on the requirements and layout of each of the rooms: Wall units, floor mount units, horizontal ducted units, or ceiling recessed units.

Wall Mount Units                                            Mitsubishi_Ductless_Mini-Split_1

A wall mount AC unit is a great way to cool down a room that might be in the sun for most of the day. Your southern facing room with windows is a perfect example.

Floor Mount Units

These floor mount systems are ideal for a home or room with low ceilings and not much wall space. These work particularly well as part of an installed ductless multi-room system.

Horizontal Ducted Units

These are ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, and house additions that have soffit or crawl space available.

Ceiling Recessed Units

A unit in the ceiling provides a wider airflow pattern to rooms like master bedrooms and offices.  Using a ceiling recessed AC unit frees up your walls for furniture or decorating without sacrificing comfort and energy efficiency.

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With the versatility of a ductless systems, you can create a home environment that’s both comfortable and efficient. Warm rooms get more cool air when you’re using it. Cool air is turned off when no one is using the room. Not only can it cool the air in the summer, but it can warm up rooms in the winter by reversing the process of cooling. Call us for a free consultation and learn more about how your home can be a comfortable retreat year round.

We offer plumbing, furnace, boiler, and electrical repair services to residences in the NH and MA areas, including Nashua, Bedford, Manchester, Derry, Salem, Windham, Merrimack, Concord, Portsmouth, and Londonderry. Quality service and products are backed by our Done Right Guarantee. Call for service or an estimate at 603-668-4438 (NH) | 978-252-4800 (MA).

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