Download the Save The Day Handbook

New Hampshire’s Home Maintenance Guide…The Save-the-Day Handbook From Heritage Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

Over twenty-five years of Home-maintenance Knowledge at Your Fingertips. Someone has said that “knowledge is power.” And that is certainly true when it comes to protecting and maintaining your home plumbing, heating and cooling systems. A little knowledge can often save you a lot of grief, wasted time, and unnecessary expense.

At Heritage, we’ve helped take care of thousands of homes in New Hampshire. Now, we’re happy to share some of our knowledge with you in this Homeowner’s Save-the-Day Handbook, a quick-reference guide that gives you tips on how to trouble-shoot common problems and emergencies, how to work with contractors to make sure you get what you want, and tips on maintaining your plumbing, heating and cooling systems to save money, prevent problems and extend the life of your equipment.

Download The Save-the-Day Handbook

Fill out the brief form below and we will email you instructions on how to download our Homeowner’s Save-the Day Handbook. The Homeowner’s Save-the Day Handbook is an interactive PDF full of helpful tips. Once downloaded, you can select a specific topic from the table of contents and it will take you right to the information you need.

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