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Boilers, also known as forced water systems, are among the most popular home heating options in Maine. While older homes may feature oil-powered boilers, some new homes have gas-powered boilers. Either one will help keep your home warm and comfortable all year long.

While the system can fulfill multiple functions in your home, a boiler breakdown can create major problems for your family. Even with regular maintenance, you may need to replace your boiler with a newer model. At Heritage Home Service, we’ll work with you every step of the way to determine your best options, find the right boiler system for your home, and help you make a lasting investment for your home.

Boiler Installation Services in Maine

Choosing the Right Boiler for Your Home
Boilers are not a “One Size Fits All” solution. Each home is unique, requiring a different boiler solution. Our experts can help determine your current boiler system, and help guide you to the right replacement. Some considerations include:

How big should your boiler be? Before shopping for a new boiler, determine how big your current system is, and what you need it to do for your home. Are you trying to heat a larger home? Will multiple family members operate different zones? It’s key to find the balance between a boiler large enough to keep your home comfortable, and one that distributes heat efficiency.

Is energy efficiency important? It’s important to consider cost savings when shopping for boilers. Different systems have different efficiency ratings, which can make it difficult to determine which one is best. Our experts can help you understand all the different options and help you pick the best option for your home.

Who can you trust for professional boiler installation? Not every company can install boilers safely and reliably in your home. It is important to trust certified experts to complete the job right the first time. Heritage Home Solutions technicians are experts in the field, giving you full assurance your boiler will be installed by the best team in Maine.

How Boilers Work

Despite their name, boilers don’t actually heat water systems to their boiling point. Instead, a boiler system distributes hot water throughout the home through baseboards or radiators in order to keep your home warm. The more radiators or zones you have in your home, the more control you have over your comfort.

What is a Boiler’s Typical Lifespan?

Older cast-iron boiler systems are constructed with more durable materials, trading efficiency for longevity. Cast-iron boilers can last up to 25 years before needing replacement. Newer boiler systems are much more energy efficient but require more maintenance as they experience more wear and tear. A modern boiler system can last up to 15 years before considering a replacement.

When Should I Replace My Boiler?

For many homeowners, considering a boiler replacement and installation only comes after a system failure. However, that might not be the only sign it’s time to have a new boiler installed. Are your energy bills going up because your boiler isn’t working efficiently? Or are you paying more in maintenance bills every year to keep it running?

Get Your New Boiler Installed Today from Heritage Home Service

If you’re trying to determine all the options for your boiler system, call Heritage Home Service today. Our experts will help you determine all the best options for your home. Our licensed technicians can evaluate your current situation, make recommendations, and help you understand all the options to move forward. With over 20 years of experience with boiler installation, our team can make sure your home stays comfortable all year long.

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