Generac whole home generator

In Maine, a state known for its rich history and vibrant seasons, Heritage Home Service offers a steadfast solution for residents contemplating the installation of whole-home generators. Drawing upon over 35 years of excellence in electrical services and a strategic alliance with Generac, we provide homeowners with superior products and a full suite of services encompassing installation, maintenance, and repair.

This dedication reflects a deep understanding of Maine’s unique weather patterns and the need for reliable power to safeguard homes against the unpredictable. With a team of expert, licensed electricians, Heritage Home Service prioritizes Maine homes’ safety, comfort, and continuity, ensuring you remain powered through every season’s challenges.

Our Whole Home Generator Services in Maine

At Heritage Home Service, we’re excited to offer Maine whole-home generator solutions from our team of experts. At the forefront of our service offerings is Generac, renowned for setting the benchmark in generator performance and dependability.

Our expertise, however, spans a wide range of residential generators, including those from Kohler to Briggs and Stratton. Whether you’re in the market for a new generator installation, need routine upkeep, or require urgent repairs, we’re your go-to team in Maine, ensuring you’re always prepared, no matter what mother nature throws your way.

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Generac whole home generator

Heritage is Your Official Generac Dealer in Maine

As an official Generac generator dealer, Heritage can offer the best in whole-home generator technology. Generac’s reputation for quality and reliability makes it a top choice for Maine homeowners who demand the best backup power. With a Generac unit at your home, you’ll never have to worry about power again. Generac will keep your power running through the worst conditions imaginable.

In addition to standby generators, Heritage offers a variety of Generac products including portable generators, transfer switches, and more!


Learn About Home Generators from the Experts at Heritage

Do You Need a Whole Home Generator?

In Maine’s rugged and unpredictable climate, where storms can leave residents without power for days, more than portable generators or battery backups might be required, especially for homes requiring continuous power for medical devices or overall well-being.

A whole-home standby generator, capable of connecting to an existing natural gas line or propane tanks, offers a robust solution. It powers your home effortlessly and automatically, ensuring you and your family stay comfortable and safe, even during extended outages.

What Fuels Can Generators Use?

For Generac’s generator installations, the options are narrowed down to natural gas or liquid propane, allowing for customization according to the availability and preferences at the installation site. This choice is vital for maintaining a reliable power source during outages. It’s recognized that gasoline, diesel, propane, and natural gas are the primary fuels for generators, each affecting how long and efficiently a generator operates. The type of fuel impacts the generator’s runtime and factors into considerations like storage, cost, and environmental impact.

How Often Does a Whole Home Generator Need Maintenance?

Just because your generator sits quietly for most of the year doesn’t mean it can skip its annual check-up. Think of it as an athlete in training, constantly gearing up in the background, ready to sprint into action the moment a power outage hits. This low-profile workhorse must undergo test runs throughout the year, ensuring it’s in tip-top shape and skipping its yearly inspection. These check-ups aren’t just fluff; they’re essential for spotting potential issues early on, swapping out any parts teetering on the edge of failure, and ensuring it lives a long and productive life.

Schedule Whole Home Generator Installation Today for Peace of Mind

Heritage Home Service is committed to keeping Maine’s homes powered, comfortable, and safe. With our home generator installation services, you’re not just installing a piece of equipment; you’re ensuring that your home remains powered through every season and storm.

Are you ready to safeguard your home with a reliable power source? Contact Heritage Home Service today for a free consultation on whole-home generator installation. Let’s keep your Maine home powered – no matter what.

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