Portsmouth HVAC Services

Whether heating your home during the cold, hard winter or keeping you cool during the sweltering summer, your HVAC system works hard to keep you comfortable year-round. So why not return the favor? Let Heritage take care of your HVAC system by checking to ensure it’s running correctly.

Heating Services

Want to ensure you stay warm all winter long? Let one of our licensed HVAC technicians ensure your heating system can handle whatever Jack Frost throws at it.

We offer the following heating services:

AC Services

Breakdowns may seem inevitable for an AC unit, but they don’t have to be! Performing routine maintenance on your AC unit can prevent breakdowns that plague most Portsmouth homeowners.

We offer the following AC services:

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Plumbing Services in Portsmouth

Heritage Home Services is ready to handle your Portsmouth plumbing emergency. Drain cleaning, sump pump repair and installation, and more can be tackled by our plumbers. Whether you have a leaking water heater or sewage backup in your yard, we have the tools to get the job done right the first time.

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Expert Drain Cleaning Services in Portsmouth: Protecting Your Plumbing System

Heritage Home Service offers expert drain cleaning services beyond quick fixes like chemical drain cleaners. Our comprehensive, enduring solutions keep your drains working like they should.

Our services reduce the risk of future blockages and tackle clogs head-on, ensuring your pipes are clean and free-flowing. The techniques we use address the cause of these issues, providing long-lasting results.


Our Advanced Drain Cleaning Techniques

We employ advanced techniques to ensure thorough cleaning of your drains:

  • Video Camera Inspections: We use cutting-edge technology to locate and understand the cause of the blockage.
  • Drain Snaking: Our team uses mechanical procedures to break down obstructions, restoring your drains to their proper functionality.
  • Hydro Jetting: We use high-pressure water jets to clean your pipes fully, preventing future clogs and maintaining optimal pipe performance.

When to Contact Us for Drain Cleaning Services

Signs that you may need our services include unpleasant odors, unusual gurgling sounds from your drains or toilet, slow-draining water, water backup or overflow in sinks, toilets, or showers.

Call Heritage Home Service in Portsmouth today to schedule a professional cleaning if you notice any signs your drains are clogged. We ensure swift, effective restoration of your plumbing system.

Read More: How to Keep Drains Clean

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Electrical Services in Portsmouth

Are you constantly tripping your circuit breaker, or are lights flickering intermittently? It may be time to call Heritage Home Service.

When Should You Hire an Electrician?

If you detect electrical issues, seek professional help immediately. Do not attempt to resolve the issue yourself. Otherwise, you cause irreparable damage to your home – or worse, you could injure yourself.

Common Signs of Electrical Problems

  • Frequently tripping a circuit breaker
  • Sporadic surges and dips
  • Frequent bulb blowouts
  • Dead outlets
  • Flickering light
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Have an emergency after midnight? Call Heritage Home Service! Someone is always available to take your call. One of our representatives will schedule an appointment, and a technician will come to your home the following day.

If your HVAC, plumbing, or electrical systems are not working correctly, it’s time to call Heritage Home Service. Contact us today, and our experts will help tackle anything your Portsmouth home is experiencing.

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