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We know how cold it gets in the Northeast. Other parts of the country complain about bundling up, and we laugh, knowing they don’t really know how cold it can get. During winter, we must have working heat. Otherwise, the whole family is miserable. We know – we’ve been there!

Heritage Home Service doesn’t want you left without heat when you need it the most. Our friendly team of heating experts is here to answer your calls, guide you through what needs to be repaired, and more as you deal with frustrating heating issues. We’ve seen it all; we’ve fixed it all. We know we can make your home warm again and not just by fixing your furnace but by offering service with a smile when you’re frustrated the heat is out.

We pride ourselves in being a family business. Since 1986, we’ve served New Hampshire and Massachusetts with kindness and compassion. We know what it’s like to be without heat. We want to avoid that for you and your family whenever we can. We’re always just a phone call away.

Furnace Repair | JustCallHeritage.com

Common Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Just because your furnace is heating your home, that doesn’t mean it’s working efficiently. With ongoing maintenance, you can catch issues before you need to stay warm in the winter. This is the best way to avoid going without heat. We recommend an annual check-up and provide you with the steps you need to perform routine maintenance between our visits.

In the meantime, here are some of the most common issues requiring furnace repair to keep an eye on.

Furnace Repair Services in New Hampshire


No Heat Blowing

If your furnace is on but not giving off any heat, you may have a clogged or dirty air filter. Typically, you’d want to change your air filter every 30 to 60 days, but that’s also dependent on many other factors in your home. If you smoke, have pets, or suffer from allergies, you may need to change your filter on a specific schedule. Since it gets cold in our neck of the woods, we all run our heat more often than other areas of the country, which leads to the filter getting clogged quicker. If changing the filter doesn’t fix this issue, it’s time to call Heritage for help.

Drastic Temperature Changes

Any drastic temperature changes while running your furnace are cause for alarm. You may suddenly feel cold air vs. hot air, even if it’s been warm in the room for a while in some situations. In this case, turn off your furnace completely, wait about five minutes, then turn it back on again four or five degrees higher than what you had the temperature set to. See if that does the trick. If not, turn the furnace off and change your thermostat batteries. If neither of these tips works to get your heat working properly, it’s another reason to call our experts in.

Pilot Light Failure

If your home furnace does not turn on at all, that is commonly an issue with your pilot light. If you have an older furnace in your home, pay attention to your pilot light and if it remains lit. If the pilot light goes out and wont re-light when you reset the furnace, the system won’t turn on at all. A pilot light essentially stays lit 24/7/365 days a year; it’s a waste of fuel and could cost hundreds of dollars in fuel costs over the course of a year. An electronic ignition replaces older pilot light technology and saves you money.

Furnaces Let Us Down Sometimes, Heritage Will Not

Heritage is the furnace repair company you can rely on no matter what’s happening in your home. We never want you and your family to suffer in the cold when you don’t have to – that’s why we’re here to help. Call Heritage today and schedule service so we can get down to your furnace issues once and for all. We’ll treat your home like our own home and leave your furnace running better than it ever ran before.

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