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New Hampshire’s older homes are a part of the charm of living here. But with all that history also comes the baggage of electrical systems installed before our modern building codes and safety regulations. If your home wasn’t built within the last decade, chances are you’ve experienced some form of electrical problem in your home.

As the premier electrical service provider in the Northeast, Heritage Home Service has a dedicated team of licensed electricians ready to serve you when you need us.

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Electrical Repair Services in New Hampshire

Most Common Types of Electrical Issues

With over 35 years in business, we’ve seen it all, but some of the most common issues we get asked to fix are:

  • No power to the entire home or an area in the home
  • Knob and Tube wiring replacement
  • Breakers tripping
  • Outlet not working properly or not enough outlets in a room
  • Light fixture not working properly
  • …and much more

Whether big or small, we can solve virtually any residential electrical problem.

Indications You Might Need Electrical Repair

The design, age, and condition of your electrical system plays a big part in how often you may need repair services. If your home has the old-style knob and tube wiring, even in just certain sections of the home, you should seriously consider a replacement. Not only is this old-style wiring a safety hazard, but is not designed to handle the electrical requirements of a modern-day home.

Other indicators that you may need to consider are things such as flickering lights, electrical arcing or burning smells coming from your outlets, and electrical fixtures simply not working properly.

New Hampshire Electrical Repair Services

Our team of licensed electricians are dedicated to providing you and your family with top-notch electrical repair services. While the best way to get ahead of unexpected repairs is to have a whole-home electrical safety inspection, we commonly deal with the following:

  • Rodent damage to wiring causing short circuits
  • Water leaking on the electrical panel
  • Faulty GFCI outlets not tripping when tested
  • High energy bills caused by electrical problems

Don’t Be Left In The Dark – Just Call Heritage

With all of our modern appliances and connectivity needs at home, having safe and efficient electrical systems has become a priority for most homeowners. The experts at Heritage are ready to tackle any electrical problem thrown our way. Just call Heritage.

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