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Heritage Home Service is here to get your boiler repaired and back to heating your home the way it’s supposed to. Since 1986, we’ve been New Hampshire’s experts in boiler repair. Our team is trained to tackle boilers in all shapes and sizes, from simple repairs to more complicated ones. We’re familiar with all makes and models and continually educate ourselves on new designs and how to make repairs on them.

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How Do Boilers Work?

Many homes in the Northeast use forced hot water heating systems. Boiler is often used as a catch-all term to describe all sorts of heating systems, but what they all have in common is how they use water instead of air to heat your home, known as a forced hot water system.

Forced hot water systems circulate water to different rooms in your house using baseboard radiant loops called “zones”. A thermostat in each room controls each zone, giving you control over the individual temperatures throughout the house. You may also hear someone refer to these types of systems as “burners,” though, that’s usually referring to just one piece of the system.

Common Boiler Repairs

Typically, there are two main categories of boiler repairs depending on the issue and fuel type of your system: hydronic or ignition. Hydronic repairs involve leaks, a failed circulator pump or zone valve, a failed expansion tank, a failed air elimination device, or zone control issues. The most common repairs needed on the ignition side of repairs include a bad ignitor, a failure with the flame sensor, burner issues, or a failed gas valve.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Repairs

For homeowners, it’s not always easy with a boiler to recognize something’s gone wrong unless the heat is out. Here are some signs to look out for indicating you need boiler repairs:

  • If the boiler turns on and off quickly, it could be short-cycling
  • Any water leaks around the boiler
  • Strange noises or sounds
  • Not enough heat coming from the baseboards, or it takes a long time to heat up to a comfortable temperature
  • No heat in one zone of your home

If you notice anything unusual with your boiler, it’s usually a good time to call a licensed HVAC provider like Heritage Home Service to check it out.

Our team will come to your home, diagnose any issues with your boiler, and provide recommendations and options on what to do next. We want you to understand what the issue is, how it impacts your home’s heating system, and what options are available so you can decide on what we do next for you and your home.

Does My Boiler Need Repairs, or Is It Time to Replace It?

As part of presenting the options for boiler repairs, we may recommend replacing your boiler depending on the issue and its age. If there is a critical failure, such as a cracked boiler block, or it’s nearing its end of life, we’ll offer replacement as an option to consider. If your boiler requires a lot of costly repairs, investing in a new boiler is often the more economical option. Regardless, we’ll present every option at your disposal so that you can weigh the pros and cons of what to do with your boiler.

Schedule Boiler Repairs Today and Let Heritage Keep the Heat On

Call us today to schedule boiler repairs if you notice anything odd going on with your heating system. When it comes to boiler issues, the sooner you deal with them, the better your options will be to consider repairs or replacement. We want to keep the heat on for you. Don’t spend another moment being too cold in your home – call us now.

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