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Home services are our passion. We’re proud to serve the Dover area and help keep every home in tip-top shape. Whether you need drain cleaning, a new AC installed, or your electrical system rewired, Heritage Home Service has you covered. We are a trusted company that has been providing exceptional services since 1986.

Our team completes every job with expertise and cleanliness to make your experience with us as convenient and effortless as possible. We aim to come in and out as quickly as possible without leaving a trace behind, except for your working appliances and systems.

We offer a long list of professional home services. Keep reading to learn about all the assistance Heritage Home Service can offer you and your home in Dover.

HVAC Services for Dover, NH Residents

The weather in New Hampshire can be brutal. Sometimes HVAC systems don’t perform how they should. If your heating and cooling system malfunctions, you can rely on Heritage Home Service to solve the problem. When you need urgent assistance, you can call us Monday through Saturday as late as midnight for same-day repairs.

From AC systems to furnaces, we can help with installations, repairs, and routine maintenance. We install every system right the first time and complete repairs quickly. With our impeccable maintenance services, you can avoid frequent repairs and malfunctions.

AC Services

Heritage Home Service provides flexible AC options to select a cooling system that perfectly suits your home and needs. Our HVAC technicians are fully trained in all makes and models of cooling systems, from central air conditioning to ductless mini splits. We can help you select the perfect system for your property and help you with everything from installation to major repairs to routine maintenance.

You may need repairs or a replacement for your AC system if you recognize any of these signs:

  • Your house is uncomfortably warm
  • Your electricity bill goes up suddenly
  • Your AC runs constantly or is always short cycling
  • You’ve spent a lot on AC repairs over the last few years
  • Your AC system is 10+ years old

If you see any of these signs, call Heritage Home Service so that we can help get your AC running properly.


Heating Services

We know how critical it is to have working heat in New Hampshire winters. Heritage Home Service can help you with heating repairs, installations, and routine maintenance. From furnaces to boilers, we have you covered.

Below is a comprehensive list of the heating services we offer Dover residents:

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Plumbing Services in Dover

Heritage Home Service is the best company in Dover if you need your plumbing system installed, repaired, or maintained. Our comprehensive plumbing services even include drain cleaning and sewer line repairs.

No plumbing job is too big or too small for our team. When you schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers, you can expect the highest quality of service from a fully trained, uniformed, and background-checked expert.

Here is a complete list of our plumbing services:

Heritage Home Service: Specialized Drain and Sewer Maintenance in Dover

Over time, drains can collect debris, leading to slow drainage, water backflow, and unpleasant smells. Heritage Home Service offers efficient drain cleaning solutions to these concerns, ensuring smooth, clean plumbing systems for your home.

Superior Drain Cleaning Services for Remarkable Outcomes

Heritage Home Service’s professional drain cleaning services have been hailed as transformative for problem drains.

  • Comprehensive Solutions and Proactive Measures: We don’t just unclog drains. We prevent future blockages, saving you from repeat clogging problems.
  • Tackling Slow-Draining Pipes: Our services address issues with slow-draining pipes, minimizing potential damage to your plumbing infrastructure.
  • Eradicating Bacterial and Mold Growth: Hydro jetting eliminates bacterial and mold growth within pipes, contributing to a healthier household.
  • Removing Detrimental Chemical Deposits: Drain cleaning flushes out your sewer line, removing harmful chemical residues that corrode and damage plumbing over time.


Cutting-Edge Systematic Approach

A systematic approach to addressing drain issues sets Heritage apart from our competitors. Our tactics include video camera inspections for pinpoint clog detection, manual drain snaking for thorough clog removal, and hydro jetting for intensive sewer cleaning.

Identifying the Need for Expert Drain Cleaning

Drains may need professional cleaning if they display warning signs such as gurgling sounds, slow draining, water backups or overflows, and foul odors. If you notice these problems in your home, Heritage is here for you. Contact us today.

Read More: How to Keep Drains Clean

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Electrician Services in Dover, NH

Life seems to come to a screeching halt when the power isn’t working. Electrical work has been a part of our services from the beginning. We’re pleased to be a one-stop shop for electrical repairs, installations, and safety inspections.

Many homes in New Hampshire were built long before modern safety codes. In addition to upgrading your electrical system, we can introduce you to more energy-efficient products to help lower your utility bills and make your home more environmentally friendly.

We know it can be tempting to try and tackle electrical issues on your own. Fiddling with an electrical system can be extremely dangerous even if you’re handy. If you start to wonder whether you need an electrician, just call Heritage!

You can call us for any of the electrical services below:

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