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Many of us take for granted the extraordinary convenience of easily accessed water, and the uninterrupted flow that water takes through the pipes in our home, keeping us healthy and comfortable. It’s true we never really think about how the pipes work, what condition they’re in, or if they need repairs until something goes wrong. When things do go wrong, Heritage Home Service is here to handle pipe repairs and get your water flowing smoothly again.

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Most Common Reasons for Pipe Repairs in New Hampshire

There are many reasons that cause a pipe to fail: Hard water, high water pressure, improperly installed or grounded pipes, these can all lead to issues over years of use. Sometimes, materials present in the soil or concrete can react with copper over time, leading to corrosion. In general, older pipes are more prone to corrosion than new ones, especially if they’re already corroding.

Frozen Pipe Repair in New Hampshire

Another more common reason New Hampshire homes need pipe repair is frozen pipes that burst. If a home isn’t kept warm enough during frigid temperatures, water in the pipes can and will freeze, causing a pipe to burst and flood your home. Uninsulated pipes installed in homes, such as in an attic or crawl space, are prone to dropping temperatures and freezing. In these situations, Heritage leverages a specialized pipe thawing machine to defrost pipes to locate the pipe splits and make necessary repairs.

If you’re unsure if your pipes are freezing when the temperature drops, reduced water flow is one of the big indicators the pipes are in danger.

When it comes to pipe freezing, it’s about understanding how your home is insulated, how you run your heating system, and being aware of anything different with water flow. If your attic, crawl space, basement, garage, and other areas you may have pipes installed are well insulated, you shouldn’t have to worry about your pipes freezing during winter in New Hampshire.

Signs You Might Need Pipe Repair

There are various signs homeowners can look out for that might indicate you need pipe repairs, such as:

  • Water leaks along the pipe
  • Corrosion (white or green build-up) around pipe connections
  • Water pressure too high in the shower or from faucets
  • Banging or other sounds in the pipes or appliances that use water (also called water hammering)

Heritage can check the water pressure in your home to see if it’s too high and reduce the valve on the water main to avoid unnecessary stress to your pipes.

Call Heritage Home Service for Pipe Repairs in New Hampshire

If you need pipe repair, Heritage’s trained team will come to your home, diagnose what’s going on, and make recommendations for how to go about repairs. Often, we can make repairs on the same day. If your pipes are frozen or have burst due to freezing, we can help prevent further damage to your home with the right tools on hand for the job. Call us today for pipe repair.

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