A crucial part of making sure you and your family keep cool all summer long is maintenance. In New Hampshire, we can experience very hot summers which put a lot of stress on your air conditioning system. With around 80% of failures occurring during the first week of operation, calling in a licensed professional to perform routine maintenance before or right after each season can save you a lot of money and headaches in the long run.

This is why Heritage Home Service created a dedicated maintenance team to serve our customers and help catch issues before they become larger problems.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance Services in New Hampshire

How Often Do Air Conditioners Need Maintenance?

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have routine maintenance each year. Not only do most air conditioning manufacturers require this to maintain their warranty, but your air conditioning unit is a piece of mechanical equipment, and wear and tear each season should be addressed to make sure you’re good to go. We often hear customers say their system was only installed within the last few years. While it’s true your typical wear and tear issues are less likely to occur, the reality is that manufacturer defects, while uncommon, can crop up in this time.

And just like your car needs routine service at certain mileage markers, so does your AC system. It’s not uncommon to see certain parts reach their life expectancy within just a few years of use.

Should You Perform Air Conditioner Maintenance Yourself?

We always encourage homeowners to take control over their equipment and perform basic maintenance when possible. Things like replacing filters at the air handler is a routine task that should be done every 6 months or sooner. When dealing with your outdoor unit, it’s always best to seek a licensed HVAC technician for help.

Not only can some components that make up your air conditioner be dangerous if not handled properly, but some specialty equipment such as AC gauges are required to perform a complete maintenance.

When you choose Heritage, you can rest assured that we’ll include you in the process of everything we go through and provide a comprehensive report on any issues we came across during our visit. We’ll also present you with options for repair as necessary so you can make the best choice for your home.

What Problems Are Found During Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Whether potential issues facing your air conditioner are minor or serious, we want you to feel empowered with the knowledge of what exactly is going on with the equipment in your home. Some common problems we come across are:

  • Rodent damage to wiring in the outdoor unit
  • Failed fan/blower motor at the air handler or outdoor unit
  • Fail capacitor in the outdoor unit
  • Debris build-up in outdoor coil fins restricting airflow
  • Leaking outdoor coil due to damage or wear and tear
  • Damage to the outdoor unit due to fallen ice
  • Clogged condensate line

While not meant to be exhaustive, if you’re currently having issues with your air conditioning system, there is a good chance that one or several of these problems may be the culprit. With annual maintenance, your chance of an unexpected breakdown occurring due to these issues can be greatly reduced.

New Hampshire Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

Every one of our technicians are fully licensed and trained to work on almost all residential makes and models of air conditioners. With over 35 years of experience servicing our community for their HVAC needs, our team brings to your door a promise that we will serve you and your home exceptionally well. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect during a maintenance visit:

  • We’ll arrive at your home in a fully stocked truck, with a 30-minute call-ahead informing you we’re on the way.
  • Our technician will go over any concerns you may have with your system’s current operation and begin the maintenance process.
  • After we’re done, we’ll present you with all findings we came across during maintenance, and let you decide how you want to proceed. If we perform work and you have issues again, you’re backed by our 1-year parts and labor warranty.

So, kick back and relax knowing Heritage has you covered when it comes to your air conditioning system. From ductless systems to central air, we’ll ensure your system is ready to keep you cool all summer long.

Never Lose Your Cool Again, With Heritage Home Service

We know you have more important things to focus on, which is why we pride ourselves on prompt and professional maintenance that covers all your bases.

Heritage makes the process of receiving your annual air conditioning maintenance easy. Give us a call today and schedule your annual AC maintenance this spring.

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