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We offer a range of new electrical installation services for our New Hampshire customers. Whether you’re tackling a project for a new renovation, looking to bring power to your garage or workshop, or looking to get the peace of mind a standby generator brings – the electrical experts at Heritage Home Service can do it all.

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Electrical Installation Services in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Electrical Installation Services

Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Whole-home standby generator installation
  • Sub panel installation
  • New service line installation
  • Electrical panel replacement
  • Portable generator hookup
  • Outdoor or indoor outlet and GFCI installation
  • Ceiling or exhaust fan installation
  • Whole-home surge protection
  • Outdoor or indoor lighting
  • Smart switch design and installation
  • Smart home products (such as security, doorbell, cameras)

Our team fully caters to any new installation by Heritage that requires electrical work. This means that when you have a new cooling, heat, or plumbing system installed that requires a licensed electrician to complete, you can be sure we’ve already included this in the final price.

Should You Attempt Electrical Installation Yourself?

Even if you have experience with some electrical repairs, we always recommend that you hire a licensed electrician to handle any new installation needs. Electricity is safe when handled properly. Our team of professionals must pass rigorous training and certification in order to work on electrical systems safely and understand the requirements of current building codes and safety standards.

As an added benefit, we are fully insured and stand behind all of our work. If there’s ever an issue with your installation we’ll work with your town inspector, and more importantly, you, to rectify any problems.

If You Have an Electrical Project At Your Home – We Can Handle It

Big or small, our dedicated team of electricians are expert installers of all types of electrical systems. You can rest assured that you’re receiving a job done right every time you choose Heritage. Give us a call today and find out why so many New Hampshire homeowners have put their trust in the electrical team at Heritage.

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