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Many homes across New Hampshire deal with wet basements. Whether due to a high water table or a nearby spring, unless you have a modern poured concrete foundation, you likely deal with some level of seasonal or constant water issues. A sump pump is one of the most critical components of a New Hampshire home with a wet basement. Whether unfinished or not, a basement that isn’t completely sealed can flood, which is why a sump pump and basin are critical to mitigating flood damage. Read on to find out how Heritage can help your home with all its sump pump needs.

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Sump Pump Installation and Repairs in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Sump Pump Installation

If you need a new sump pump, Heritage can come to your home and make recommendations based on your exact needs. We work with a variety of makes and models, and whether you need to replace a sump pump or are looking to upgrade to something that can keep up with your home’s demands, we are here to help.

New Hampshire Sump Pump Repairs

If a sump pump fails, it can be bad news for your basement. With many New Hampshire homeowners spending the money to remodel and make their basement livable, imagine the damage that could be done if it floods. Ensuring your sump pump is working as intended and is ready to handle water flow is critical to protecting your investment. Some of the most common repair calls we receive include a sump pump’s motor failing or performing poorly because it’s not sitting in its pit properly.

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Since 1986, Heritage Home Service has helped New Hampshire homeowners with sump pumps, plumbing, and much, much more. Our team is trained, licensed, and certified. We continuously push ourselves to learn as much as we can about sump pumps and all that we do to help our customers to the best of our ability.

Don’t let repeated issues with your basement flooding keep happening when they don’t have to – let Heritage repair or replace your sump pump. With over 35 years of experience working with sump pumps, we’re sure we can give you the options you need for repairing or replacing yours. Call us today.

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