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Breakdowns happen, and they’re especially frustrating when you must sweat it out for a bit. We understand there is no time to waste getting you cool again. Heritage Home Service maintains a fleet of over 200 fully stocked trucks with licensed technicians who are dispatched directly from their homes to your door. You can rest assured we have someone in your area to help.

When You Need AC Repair in New Hampshire, Just Call Heritage

When you’re faced with unexpected AC challenges in New Hampshire and need swift, reliable repair, just call Heritage Home Service. Recognizing that issues don’t adhere to a schedule, we’re proud to offer emergency service around the clock, ensuring that you’re never left stranded. Our commitment to your comfort is reflected in our 24-hour live answering service, ready to dispatch expert technicians to your doorstep.

With Heritage Home Service, you’re not just getting a repair; you’re receiving a promise of excellence and dedication, day, or night. For those demanding moments when your AC requires immediate attention, Request AC Service with us and experience the peace of mind from knowing you’re in capable hands.

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Common Causes and Signs That You Need AC Repair

Our AC units are lifesavers in New Hampshire during those humid summer months. Like any machinery, they wear down from constant use. On top of that, they sometimes get knocked around by ice in the winter or blasted with rocks and debris when we’re tidying up the yard. Any wear and tear can ding up your system and mess with its cooling power.


Signs that Your AC Isn’t Working Properly

Have you ever thought, “Something’s off with my AC, but maybe it’ll sort itself out”? Before your AC gives up on you, here are some tell-tale signs it’s crying out for help:

  • Strange noises coming from your unit? That’s not normal.
  • If the air feels more warm than cool, there’s a problem.
  • Is the AC acting like a light switch, flipping on and off or just refusing to shut down? That’s not a good sign.
  • Do you find yourself playing tag with your thermostat to find that sweet spot of cool? It shouldn’t be that hard.
  • And if you’re still sweating no matter how low you go, it’s time to call in the pros.


Causes of Air Conditioning Failure

We’re no strangers to the quirks of our weather and the toll it takes on our air conditioning systems. Here’s a rundown on common issues that might be messing with your cool summer vibes:

  • Incorrect Thermostat Setting: If your home’s still stuffy despite a running AC, you might’ve accidentally set it to fan-only mode.
  • Refrigerant Leakage: All that use can shake things loose, leading to your cool air making a sneaky getaway.
  • Circuit Breaker Overload: If your AC’s causing the breaker to trip, it’s a sign it’s pulling more power than it should – a nudge that it’s working a bit too hard.
  • Compressor Malfunction: The compressor’s the AC’s beating heart. Trouble with it, whether from power issues, refrigerant woes, or overheating, spells big problems.
  • Coil and Fan Contamination: A layer of grime on these parts forces your AC to overexert itself, dragging down its efficiency.
  • Air Filter Blockage: Not changing your air filter can choke your system, making it cool less efficiently or even freeze.
  • Neglected Maintenance: Annual tune-ups can dodge a lot of these AC headaches.
  • System Obsolescence: Sometimes, an old AC just can’t hack the heat anymore. When repairs aren’t enough, it’s time for a new cooling system.

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AC Maintenance Can Prevent Costly Repairs

Annual maintenance of your AC system in New Hampshire isn’t just about avoiding the inconvenience of repairs; it’s a strategy to extend the lifespan of your unit and ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. Experts recommend at least yearly maintenance to keep everything in top condition. With Heritage Home Service, you can expect a thorough examination and tune-up of your system, including checking refrigerant levels, cleaning components, and ensuring all parts function correctly. This preventative approach saves you money on potential repairs and ensures your home remains comfortable through the state’s variable climates.

During an AC maintenance visit from Heritage, homeowners in New Hampshire can anticipate a comprehensive inspection that touches on every aspect of the AC system. From cleaning the air filters to inspecting the ductwork and checking for any operational issues, the service is designed to identify minor issues before they become major problems. This detailed attention helps maintain the system’s efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and enhance the overall air quality in your home. It’s a proactive step towards a cooler, more comfortable living environment.


If You Need New AC Installation in New Hampshire, We Can Help

When AC repairs become a financial sinkhole in New Hampshire, it’s probably time to think about a new system. Heritage is here to simplify that transition. We’ll tailor a solution right at your home and aim to get our team out for AC installation swiftly, possibly the next day, managing any necessary permits to ensure everything’s up to standard.

Heritage Home Service is Here to Get You Cool Again

In New Hampshire, folks have come to rely on Heritage Home Service for AC service. Our wide reach and quick availability make us a top choice for the community. We make the process stress-free, guiding you every step of the way.

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