Have you ever wondered what this logo is on our trucks and marketing pieces? We’re happy to share! Read on.

Heritage Helps is a non-profit donor fund created by the owners of Heritage Home Service, and overseen by a volunteer team of Heritage employees who share our core value of giving back to the communities we serve, especially when it comes to the young and vulnerable.

A Focus on Partnership

As a dedicated donor fund, Heritage Helps focuses on meeting the basic essential needs of our local and global communities such as food, clothing, and shelter by partnering with reputable non-profit organizations that dedicate their time and resources to these causes.

Some of our long-term partnerships include:

Our Vision Looking Forward

Our vision for Heritage Helps continues to evolve as our ever growing team of Heritage Home Service employees, customers, and industry partners come together in the spirit of giving to make an even greater impact in the lives of children and families in our backyards and across the globe.

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