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Water quality is an essential part of a healthy home. In fact, an estimated 80% of homes have a need for some level of water filtration. Our well and water quality experts at Heritage Home Service understand this, which is why they come to your home prepared to guide you through all the options and provide you with the knowledge to make the right decisions for your exact water filtration needs.

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In New Hampshire, 46% of homeowners source their water from a private well. This is so commonplace that many of us don’t give it a second thought when purchasing a home, but the reality is that just because water is already coming into the home, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated. As a private well owner, you are responsible for the quality and safety of the water entering your home.

Common contaminants naturally occurring here in New Hampshire like arsenic or radon are tasteless and odorless, and not only pose a threat to your health when drunk but can also lead to exposure through things like washed food and clothing. This is why Heritage always recommends to our customers whole-home filtration as opposed to any other method when possible. Thankfully, most of these contaminants can be eliminated if not reduced to a safe level through a properly installed whole-home water filtration system.

With our dedicated well and water quality team, Heritage is ready to serve you through professional water quality testing, installation, repair, or routine maintenance. We’ll identify any problems with your water, suggest improvements, and ensure you never have to think about your water quality again.

The best way to mitigate water contamination is by installing the right equipment for your home and water needs. Depending on the contaminants found during your water quality test, installing whole-home filtration equipment like multi-stage sand or carbon filtration, or even a reverse osmosis system, can all help to virtually eliminate or bring to a safe level contaminants like arsenic, radon, nitrate, and even uranium. UV light filtration systems are also available which use a chemical-free process to remove harmful bacteria like e-coli, which can be found in some water sources.

Our well and water quality team will provide you with a complete assessment of your water quality, present you with a customized solution for your home, and let you make the decision that’s right for your home.

Some examples of the types of filtration systems we provide:

  • Multi-stage sand or carbon filtration
  • Acid neutralizers
  • Iron removal systems
  • Reverse osmosis filtration
  • UV light filtration for eliminating bacteria

Whole-home water filtration systems are excellent at ensuring the water you use each day is safe, so long as they are properly maintained. Some tasks can be performed by the homeowner such as swapping water filters, but if you are experiencing issues with your current system or have something you’re not comfortable keeping up with yourself, Heritage provides repair and annual maintenance services on most residential water filtration systems.

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With over 35 years of experience in the plumbing industry, you can rely on Heritage to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to make the right choice for you and your family for whole-home water filtration. Call us today to schedule a visit.

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