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At the heart of your electrical system is the circuit breaker box, also known as an electric panel. The rest of your electrical system is only as healthy as your breaker box is, and when you have problems, you’ll quickly notice them throughout your home.

Many older-style panels we find in New Hampshire are not sufficient to handle today’s modern requirements, and if you’re looking to have a new heating or cooling system installed, you may find that your breaker box needs an upgrade. That’s why the electrical panel experts at Heritage Home Service are here to help.

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How Long Do Circuit Breaker Boxes Last?

Circuit breaker boxes can last decades when properly installed, but the quality of the panel and circuits play a factor as well. Generally, you can expect a quality installed panel to last anywhere from 30 to 40 years, but it should be checked for safe operation by a licensed electrician if over 25 years old.

Why Would You Replace Your Circuit Breaker Box?

There are just a few common signs that your breaker box may be nearing the end of its life:

  • Presence of rust or corrosion on the breaker box or electrical components
  • Strange sound or smell coming from your breaker box
  • Lights flickering or dimming when outlets are used
  • Breakers not working properly or tripping frequently

These are all signs of an unsafe breaker box and should be addressed by a licensed electrician sooner than later. You may also consider a replacement if your current breaker box isn’t rated for 200-amp service, it’s over 25 years old, or you’ve simply run out of space on your current breaker box. If you’re concerned about the function and looks of your current breaker box, there’s a good chance it may be time for an upgrade.

New Hampshire Circuit Breaker Box Services

Since breaker boxes don’t need much maintenance, we typically recommend inspections every few years to ensure safe and proper operation. If you’re concerned about the current state of your equipment, a whole home electrical safety inspection is a good place to start. If you find that you need replacement, our electricians are trained in the best practices for safe and efficient installation.

We’ll arrange all the details with your town’s utility provider, and in most cases can have your installation complete in a single day. We also service and repair most makes and models of electrical panels.

Circuit Breaker Box Types

When it comes to breaker boxes, we can do it all! Whether you’re looking to add a subpanel to a garage, run a service line to a workshop, or replace an existing circuit breaker box, Heritage has you covered. A licensed electrician will arrive at your home, present you with all the options available to you, and let you decide what’s right for you and your family.

Give Your Home A Boost of Energy with A New Circuit Breaker Box

Old circuit breaker boxes can be dangerous, but they can also make your home feel like it’s stuck in the past. Give your home the boost it deserves with a new electrical panel from Heritage Home Service. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

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