What You Can Expect During a Home Safety Inspection

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Why Are Home Safety Inspections Important?

With more of our time being spent at home, increased demand on our electrical systems can lead to problems down the road, especially if they weren’t designed properly, to begin with. Older systems can be a bigger headache than just not giving us enough outlets for our devices.

Improper or non-existent surge protection and grounding can pose real hazards to the safety of your home, or at the very least, cause damage to your expensive electronics. Other common problems we discover are damaged wiring due to rodents or old knob and tube wiring that may have been hidden from view.

When Do You Need a Home Electrical Inspection in New Hampshire?

We recommend any new homeowner have a separate safety inspection performed by a licensed electrician when possible. If you currently have concerns about your home’s electricity but aren’t sure where to start, a safety inspection is a good place to build some foundational knowledge around what your home could be facing as potential issues.

As a general rule, any home built before the year 2000 should be inspected due to changes in building code and safety regulations, as well as common wear and tear that can occur in electrical systems installed before this date.

Signs a Home Needs an Electrical Safety Inspection

Even if you own a newer home, if it was built prior to the last decade there is a good chance you will benefit from a safety inspection. If you have had any issues with outlets not working properly, arcing at outlets, or frequent power surges are all signs of the need for an electrical safety inspection.

New Hampshire Home Electrical Safety Inspection Services

Our dedicated team of electricians perform a complete electrical safety inspection for all of our residential customers. We’ll start from the outside, checking your service coming into the home, and work our way along your home, checking each outlet and fixture for proper operation.

We’ll ensure things like water mains and gas piping are properly bonded and ground. Through a thorough inspection, you can gain the knowledge to understand what potential problems your home is facing and decide how you want to tackle your electrical improvements.

Often overlooked, most home inspections do not uncover potential flaws or issues with an electrical system other than the most visible problems. With many homes in New Hampshire being built before the turn of the century, our electrical systems are often a patchwork of new and old wiring. When we have problems, it is hard to know what we’re looking for.

This is why the electrical team at Heritage Home Service provides a top to bottom, whole-home electrical safety inspection so you can have the knowledge of potential problems facing your home, and make decisions that are right for you.

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When You Need Electrical Help – Trust the Experts at Heritage

When more of our lives are centered around home, we understand that you can’t afford to have problems with your electricity. Catch potential issues before they become a safety concern by contacting us today to schedule a professional electrical safety inspection with Heritage.

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