Generac whole home generator

In New Hampshire, where the climate can swing from serene to stormy without much warning, Heritage Home Service stands as a pillar of reliability for those considering the installation of a whole-home generator. With a rich heritage of over 35 years of electrical expertise, we partner with industry leader Generac to ensure top-tier products and services and offer a wide spectrum of electrical installations, including essential maintenance and repair.

Heritage’s commitment to keeping New Hampshire homes powered through all seasons, backed by licensed and experienced electricians, underscores the critical importance of a dependable power source for maintaining comfort and safety amidst the state’s diverse weather conditions.

Our Whole-Home Generator Services in New Hampshire

At Heritage Home Service, we’re thrilled to empower our New Hampshire communities with unparalleled whole-home generator solutions, thanks to our seasoned team of generator experts. Leading our charge is Generac, the pinnacle of generator excellence and reliability, ensuring your home is always in capable hands.

Our prowess extends beyond just Generac generators. We can handle whole-home generators from various brands, including those from Kohler to Briggs and Stratton. From fresh installations to meticulous maintenance and prompt repairs, we’re your all-encompassing resource for generator services in New Hampshire, guaranteeing you’re never left out in the cold.

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Generac whole home generator

Heritage is Your Official Generac Dealer in New Hampshire

The benefit of a whole-home generator is peace of mind, knowing that your electricity won’t skip a beat when there is an outage. It’s about more than just keeping the lights on. Some critical comfort and life systems can get by with battery backups, but they’re only meant to last up to a few hours.

Many other systems, like your heat or cooling system, won’t work during an outage. This is why many of our customers rely on a whole-home standby generator to keep them safe and comfortable, no matter what the weather has in store for them.

Heritage Home Service makes finding the right Generac whole-home generator for your needs as easy as calling us.

In addition to standby generators, Heritage offers a variety of Generac products including portable generators, transfer switches, and more!

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Do You Need a Whole Home Generator?

Even reliable power grids can falter in New Hampshire’s unpredictable weather, leaving essential home systems and medical equipment at risk during outages. A whole-home standby generator is a safeguard, ensuring that sump pumps, sewage ejectors, and life-supporting devices remain operational, minimizing disruptions in your life.

A properly sized standby generator, fueled by natural gas or propane, can meet most, if not all, of your home’s energy needs. It offers sustained operation over portable models and shuts off automatically once power is restored, providing convenience and peace of mind.

What Fuels Can Generators Use?

Generators, including Generac whole-home generators, primarily utilize natural gas or liquid propane fuel for operation. This flexibility allows for a choice between the two based on availability and preference in various installations. The fuel type – ranging from gasoline, diesel, and propane to natural gas – is critical in determining how long a generator can run. Natural gas and liquid propane are among the four main fuel sources for generators, each with its advantages regarding availability, cost, and environmental impact.

How Often Does a Whole Home Generator Need Maintenance?

Like your home’s heating or cooling system, your generator needs a yearly tune-up to stay in peak condition. Think of it as its annual gym membership, keeping it fit and ready to act exactly when you need it. Sticking to these yearly check-ups is a must to keep your warranty in fighting form and ensure you’re comfortable in your home.

Schedule Whole-Home Generator Installation Today for Peace of Mind

Our fully licensed team of generator experts has served our New Hampshire community as the provider of choice. Even if you’re starting your search, our team can help you find the perfect generator for your home’s needs. Give us a call today and schedule a free consultation.

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Introducing the FLEET Membership

As part of doing all we can to extend your peace of mind, we’d like to introduce FLEET.

With FLEET, Hertitage can monitor your generator and its status FOR YOU. If an issue arises, Heritage will be notified – allowing us to contact you immediately and ensure your generator is serviced promptly.

Peace of mind…all without you having to lift a finger.

The FLEET subscription is $50 per year.


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