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Our modern homes are usually filled with all sorts of appliances and devices, all of which rely on a steady supply of electricity to work. Refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, entertainment systems, light fixtures, doorbells, computers are just a few of these. Without a reliable method of surge protection, we put these devices at risk of having their lifespan severely reduced or being damaged beyond repair when a voltage surge occurs.

This is why Heritage Home Service recommends whole-home surge protection for all of our New Hampshire customers. When installed in combination with point-of-use surge protection, a whole-home surge protector virtually eliminates any potential damage to our valuable electronics.

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What is Whole Home Surge Protection? Is Regular Surge Protection Enough?

Whole-home surge protection or commonly called an SPD or surge protection device is a device installed at your panel which will safely distribute excess voltage away from your home’s electrical systems. This should not be confused with current protection (you get this from your breaker box) or lightning protection, although whole-home surge protectors can handle voltage surges caused by lightning strikes that don’t directly hit your home.

With a whole-home surge protector, anything plugged into your home is protected. Surge protectors in the form of large chunky outlets or the strips you commonly see plugged into the wall are referred to as point of use devices and only protect what’s directly plugged into them. When paired together, you can ensure complete protection of all of your devices from both outside and in-home-generated voltage surges.

What Benefits from Whole Home Surge Protection?

Many homeowners are unaware that all surge protectors degrade with use, meaning their ability to protect against surges decreases over time. This is especially true with point-of-use devices which are typically rated much lower than whole-home SPDs. Depending on its rating, surge protection can be degraded completely in as little as one use rendering it useless for protecting against future surges.

The best approach is what is referred to as layering. By combining a whole-home surge protector which is rated much higher than point-of-use devices, you can ensure every device in your home is natively protected from your outlets. For more expensive devices, such as your computer or appliances, a point-of-use surge protector should also be used as a last line of defense.

Another key benefit of whole-home surge protection is its ability to protect against internal surges. In fact, over 80% of surges that occur in the home are caused internally by another device connected to your home’s power.

New Hampshire Whole Home Surge Protection Services

The good news is that the dedicated electrical team at Heritage are experts when it comes to surge protection systems and design. And in most cases we can install a new whole-home surge protector or replace an existing one same-day, so you can be sure your home is protected and can get back to what matters most.

How Often Does Whole Home Surge Protection Need to be Updated?

The answer usually depends on the size and frequency of surges experienced at your home. In general, whole-home surge protectors can last anywhere from three to five years and should be checked by the homeowner each year to ensure proper protection. If you’re ever unsure if your home is adequately protected, one of our licensed electricians will be happy to help.

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Our expert team of electricians are here to help you. We’ll come to your home, help you design an SPD system that’s right for you, and let you decide how to move forward. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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