Clean water isn’t a luxury — it’s a critical part of keeping your family safe and healthy. If you’re getting your water from a private well, making sure your water is clean is even more difficult. Although “point of use” filters can reduce some minerals and pollutants in drinking water, there are still naturally occurring toxins that can seep through, such as radon and arsenic.

Regardless if you are on private well or public utility water systems, your home could benefit from a whole-home water filtration system. Heritage Home Service are the experts in water filtration systems, and can serve your home with new installations, regular maintenance, or necessary repairs.

Does Your Maine Home Need Water Filtration?

Thousands of homes across Southern Maine rely on private wells for their water service. If you don’t live in a city or township which provides municipal or communally sourced water, your home most likely draws from a well — which makes you fully responsible for water treatment.

Unless you had your water tested recently, it’s impossible to say what minerals and toxins could be lurking within. You could be exposed to naturally occurring contaminants, including radon and arsenic, without even taking a sip of water. The best way to protect your family is through a whole home water filtration system, which can nearly eliminate or reduce the amount of all pollutants in your water down to safe levels.

A hard water system can complement your whole home water filtration system. Heritage Home Service can install both in your home, reducing both minerals and pollutants and protecting your plumbing from scale buildup.


Maine Water Filtration Services

Our dedicated well and water quality team is the expert in whole home water filtration in Southern Maine. Heritage offers a full suite of water filtration solutions, including new whole home filtration installation, maintenance options, and repairs. We’ll treat your home like our own, making water quality worries a thing of the past.

Installation Services

Owning a home drawing from a private well means you need to be extra vigilant about your water quality. Without regular water testing, you could be exposed to high levels of minerals like lime, calcium, and magnesium, or even naturally occurring toxins like radon and arsenic. Runoff from local industries can also contaminate the water, adding even more reasons for concern.

To keep your family safe, a whole home water filtration system is the answer. The highly trained water team at Heritage can come out on your schedule to provide a water quality analysis, design a solution unique to your home, and answer any questions you may have to help you make the right choice for your family.

Some of the whole-home water filtration systems we install include:

  • Multi-stage sand or carbon filtration
  • Acid neutralizers
  • Iron removal systems
  • Reverse osmosis filtration
  • UV light filtration for eliminating bacteria

Filtration Repairs and Maintenance Services

A whole home filtration system can only protect your family when it’s properly maintained by a qualified professional. While simple repairs like filter replacement can be done by homeowners, more complicated systems should be looked at by a technician.

Heritage Home Service offers annual maintenance and repair services for nearly every water filtration system on the market today. If you have a whole home water filter installed, we can make sure it keeps running at top condition.


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Maine Water Quality Testing Services

According to the U.S. EPA, homeowners drawing from private wells should have their water quality tested once per year to ensure the water — and the whole home filtration systems — are safe.

Our dedicated water team can complete water tests during annual maintenance calls to determine the quality of your water. Our field tests check for mineral content, water hardness, pH balance, and alkalinity, giving you an understanding of what’s in your water the same day. If you’re looking for more thorough insight, you can order a lab test and get the full results back in two weeks. You will get the results straight from the lab via email, with follow up from a Heritage water expert to determine the best steps to move forward.


Water Contaminants We Test For

  • Water Hardness: Published studies suggest that hard water with high concentrations of calcium and magnesium can be a contributing factor to cardiovascular disease. Moreover, high calcium concentrations can create soap scum stains, making it harder to use the shower or wash dishes in your home. Hard water can also contribute to scaling in the pipes, putting additional stress on your water heater and reducing the lifespan of your plumbing system.
  • Low pH & Alkalinity: When your water has high acidity and alkalinity, it can cause erosion in your pipes and ultimately leach copper into your water. If you have green stains on bathroom sinks and other porcelain, it could be due to low pH.
  • Iron: High concentrations of iron in your water can leave your drinks with a metallic aftertaste. It can also stain fabrics, sinks, and toilets, or potentially build up inside pipes.
  • Manganese: If left unchecked, manganese in water can create major health problems. Concentrations higher than 0.05 milligrams per liter (mg/L) will give water a noticeable color, odor, and taste. If it builds up to higher than 0.3 mg/L, your family could be at risk of manganese toxicity.
  • Radon: Not all risks come from drinking private well water. Radon trapped in water can get released when running water in a shower, sink, or when cooking. If left unchecked, exposure to radon can result in lung tissue damage and increase your chances of contracting lung cancer.
  • Arsenic: A naturally occurring semi-metallic element, arsenic can be present in soil samples and contaminate drinking water. Long-term exposure to arsenic can create a myriad of health problems, including disease of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, skin, nervous system, or even cancer.
  • Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA): Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) are often used for industrial settings, working in products that resist heat, oil, stains, grease, and water. Laboratory studies on lab rats suggest exposure to PFOAs may affect growth and development, reproduction, and cause liver damage — but the potential damages to humans is unknown.

We Are a Certified Water Sample Drop-off Location

We work with Nashoba Analytical as a certified water drop-off location. Nashoba Analytical is a division of Granite State Analytical, a fully accredited organization offering laboratory analysis services for water quality.

You can drop off water samples at our Seacoast office location between 7AM and 5PM:

179 Lafayette Rd.
North Hampton, NH 03862

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Your family can’t afford anything short of having clean and safe drinking water. With over 35 years of experience, Heritage Home Service is Southern Maine’s top designer and provider of whole-home water filtration systems. Call us today and start drinking healthier water sooner.

Having good water shouldn’t be a hassle. With over 35 years of experience in the plumbing industry, Heritage is the premier provider of whole-home water filtration systems in Maine. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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