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For many New England homes, seasonal flooding in your basement is a major concern. In addition to dampness seeping in, homes on poured concrete foundations are susceptible to collecting water when we least expect it. If you are looking to reduce the stress and wear on your foundation, or want to turn your basement into a living space, it could be time to consider a sump pump.

Heritage Home Service is your expert team for professionally installing sump pumps in Southern Maine. We work with many major brands to ensure you have the right pump for your home, or repair the one you currently have to ensure it works correctly all season long.

Maine Sump Pump Repair

If your home is located near a high water table or natural spring, there’s probably a sump pump working in your basement. Sump pump motors can run several times per day to ensure excess moisture and standing water does not accumulate in your home, adding to their mechanical wear over time. If your sump pump is working overtime, it could experience breakdowns or fail entirely when you need it most.

The highly-trained technicians at Heritage Home Service are ready to take on any sump pump problems you may have. When you make a service call, we’ll arrive on schedule to inspect the pump for issues, determine if a repair is necessary or if a replacement is needed, and give you all the information and options to make the best call for your family and budget. No matter what you need, we can get your sump pump fixed and back to working condition.

Maine Sump Pump Installation

With regular usage, the parts in your sump pump will wear down and break. The usual life span of a sump pump system is between five to ten years, depending on how often you perform maintenance and how often it works. If your sump pump is at the end of its lifespan, or it’s having a harder time keeping your basement dry, it is probably time for a replacement. Heritage works with all the latest makes and models of pumps, giving you several options for your replacement. After an inspection, we’ll give you several options to choose from, answer all the questions you may have, and make sure you have all the information to make the best decision for your home, your family, and your budget.

Call on Heritage for Sump Pump Repair and Installation in Maine

With over 35 years of experience throughout New England, you can trust the knowledgeable team at Heritage to provide the right solution for your sump pump needs. With one call, we can evaluate your situation and make the right fix the first time to keep your home dry. Trust the leader in sump pump repair and installation to help you protect your home.

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