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A reliable hot water heater is an essential component of everyday life in your home. Before the water runs cold with your old heater, reach out to Heritage for professional hot water installation in Maine. Heritage has provided hot water heater installation service since 1986, and we have a proven track record of satisfied customers.

At Heritage, we’re not just about getting the job done. We want to enrich and enhance your home life with the comfort and reliability of a modern, quality hot water heating system. Not only will you experience reliable hot water for your home in Maine, you’ll also use less energy and save money on your monthly bills.

Maine Deserves Top-Quality Hot Water Heater Installation

When you choose Heritage for your hot water installation, you’re opting for a partner who not only values your comfort but is invested in the region. For decades, we have served residents all over New England with our professionalism and expertise. When you’re ready for quality, honesty, and expertise, just call Heritage.

  • Local Wisdom, Personal Touch: We understand the unique needs of Maine residents. As service providers for decades, we’ve driven up and down I-95 countless times between the coast and inland Maine. And yes — we brake for Moose! We love Maine and are proud to bring our hot water heater installation expertise to the Pine Tree State.
  • Transparent, Honest Service: Clear communication and honest pricing are hallmarks of Heritage. When you call us to install a hot water heater, we’ll offer you transparency from the beginning. No hidden fees or surprise costs — ever!
  • The Best Equipment Available: Having been in business since 1986, we’ve developed relationships with suppliers that allow us to bring the finest hot water heaters on the market to your home at the best prices. Whether you want a tank, tankless, gas, electric, or a unique size, Heritage has you covered.

Mainers deserve the best — and we bring it. Expert hot water heater installation with professional, caring, trustworthy service is only a click or call away.

Do I Need a New Hot Water Heater?

Too often we don’t notice our water heater until the taps run cold. Before you find yourself shivering in the shower, take a moment to think about your hot water heater.

  • How old is your unit? If you have an aging unit, it may be time to upgrade your hot water heater. The average lifespan of a water heater is 10 years. If yours is approaching that age, you may want to think about replacement.
  • Do you have consistent hot water? New high-efficiency units heat more water with less energy. If you find yourself running out of hot water on the regular or with an inconsistent supply, it may be time to consider replacing your unit.
  • Are repairs worth the cost? If you find yourself in need of repairs, you may want to consider whether rising repair costs are worth it for a unit that could probably be replaced. Our techs can help you make an honest assessment and an informed decision about whether you might want to get some more life out of your unit or if you’re better off opting for a new hot water heater installation.

Water heaters should function seamlessly, out of sight and out of mind. If your unit is giving you trouble and has you stressing, just call Heritage! We can provide you with the finest hot water heater installation in all of Maine.

The Heritage Installation Difference

When you Choose Heritage, you’re choosing peace of mind. Our hot water heater installation process respects your time and property. Our technicians will arrive punctually and leave your space even cleaner than we found it. We’ll also take the time to explain your new system’s features and maintenance. We’re here to ensure your comfort for years to come.

Maine’s Trusted Water Heater Installers

Are you ready for seamless hot water heater installation in Maine? Give us a call or schedule an appointment online to discuss your hot water needs. The Heritage family is eager to serve you with quality, reliable service. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is only a call away, ready to guide you through every step of the process.

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