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Brighten your home in Maine with customized indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.

Heritage Home Service offers comprehensive electrical lighting services to ensure your home and property are well-lit and welcoming all year round. From cozy indoor ambiance to outdoor illumination for security and safety, just call Heritage.

Since 1986, Heritage’s licensed electricians have provided the region with expert electrical services. Our team has the expertise to help illuminate any space you need. With Heritage, you’ll get superior quality and exceptional service every single time. Don’t delay — better interior and exterior illumination is only a click or call away.

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Indoor Lighting Services in Maine

Your home’s interior should offer you style and comfort. The right lighting can maximize both to transform any space from dull and dim to bright and cheery, or more subdued when you need it. Our licensed electricians offer a variety of indoor lighting solutions to fit your needs.

Task Lighting: Illuminate your activities with focused lighting solutions perfect for reading, cooking, or working. Our adjustable and dimmable options get you just the right amount of light right where you need it.

Ambient Lighting: Soften your space with lighting that enhances the mood and aesthetics of your rooms. Classic chandeliers, recessed lighting, wall sconces, entryway lights — Heritage can help with all your ambient illumination needs.

Accent Lighting: Highlight your home’s architectural features or artwork with targeted lighting that draws attention. Catch the eye and add a layer of sophistication to your home’s look

Heritage can help with all your interior illumination needs. Even if you’re just exploring your options, just call Heritage, and we’ll walk you through the indoor lighting that can improve your home.

Maine’s Leaders in Outdoor & Landscape Lighting

Maine’s beautiful outdoors deserves to be seen and enjoyed, even after the sun sets. If you want to enhance the beauty and safety of your property, Heritage is here to help with professional outdoor and landscape lighting services.

  • Post and Pathway Lights: Illuminate walkways and driveways for safe navigation and a welcoming approach to your home.
  • Floodlights and Motion Sensors: Increase security and deter unwanted activity with strategically placed, motion-activated lighting.
  • Decorative Outdoor Fixtures: Classic lanterns, modern sconces, and more — Heritage can help you with essential exterior illumination.
  • Landscape Lighting: Accentuate the natural beauty of your gardens, trees, and architectural features with tailored landscape lighting that adds curb appeal and value to your home in Maine.
  • GFCI: Ensure safety and compliance with weather-resistant GFCI outlets for all your outdoor electrical needs. Our licensed electricians can install outdoor outlets that are up to code wherever you need them.


Massachusetts Indoor Outdoor Lighting Services |

Can I DIY My Lighting Projects?

Some lighting projects might seem like a DIY task, but professional installation ensures safety and longevity. Heritage’s electricians are trained to handle installations in all types of settings, from high ceilings to complex outdoor landscapes.

Major projects may also require new wiring or circuit modifications; otherwise, you may suffer overload. For peace of mind and beautiful results, the lighting professionals at Heritage are here to help. When you trust Heritage, you get expert craftsmanship and professional service every single time.

Illuminate Your Maine Home with Heritage

Whether you want to upgrade your indoor ambiance or improve your exterior illumination for safety, security, and curb appeal, just call Heritage. We’re here to help brighten your home in Maine with lighting options to fit every situation. Contact us today to discuss your lighting needs and discover how we can brighten up your home, one light at a time. With Heritage, you get expert lighting installation to enhance the beauty, functionality, and safety of your home in Maine.

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