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Reliability and safety are top priorities for the electrical system in your Maine home. Prompt, professional repairs can prevent serious hazards and can keep you moving through your daily routines without a hitch. Our team of electrical repair experts is equipped to handle whatever you need.

Since 1986, Heritage Home Service has provided New England with top-quality electrical repair services. Our team of licensed electricians is now eager to serve Maine with their decades of experience. When you need electrical repair, just call Heritage!

Maine Electrical Repair Services

Heritage Home Service offers a full spectrum of electrical repair services. We address both common and complex issues Maine homeowners face.

Our licensed electricians are ready to help you with:

  • Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement: Upgrade from outdated wiring to modern, safe electrical systems. Enhance your safety and capabilities all at once.
  • Breakers Tripping: We’ll help you address frequent breaker trips, a sign of potential overloads or electrical faults.
  • Outlet Issues: Resolve non-functioning outlets or add additional outlets for increased convenience and accessibility.
  • Light Fixture Repairs: Fix or replace malfunctioning light fixtures to enhance the illumination and ambiance of your outdoor spaces.
  • Rodent Damage: Tackle wiring damage caused by rodents, a common culprit for short circuits, to prevent potential hazards and maintain the integrity of your system.
  • Water Damage to Electrical Panel: We can replace and restore the crucial components of your electrical system from water damage.
  • Faulty GFCI Outlet Correction: GFCI outlets need to trip when tested so they can cut off power to prevent electrical shock. If you have GFCI outlets that are not tripping, Heritage can help.

From simple issues to major overhauls, Heritage is your trusted partner for electrical repair services in Maine. We’ll keep your family comfortable and safe as we increase the reliability of your electrical system.


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Common Electrical Problems in Maine

Many homes in Maine possess electrical systems that predate present-day codes and standards. Outdated wiring, panels, and other components can often go unnoticed until a serious problem arises. If you are experiencing any of the following, please contact us immediately:

  • Flickering Lights: Intermittent or constant flickering can point to wiring problems or possible overloading.
  • Burning Smells from Outlets: Trust your nose. If you smell burning odors, you may be at risk for a fire hazard because of faulty wiring or overloaded circuits.
  • Non-Operational Fixtures: If you’ve tried replacing light bulbs but are still experiencing issues, you may have deeper electrical issues that should be addressed.

Our electricians have seen it all — the good, the bad, and the ugly. With Heritage, though, you can rest assured that you are getting quality service at the right price point. We bring a wealth of experience and master craftsmanship to all of our electrical repairs in Maine.

Why Trust Heritage?

Our licensed electricians have extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of electrical systems. We’ve worked on countless homes in Maine and have the know-how to keep you up and running with minimal disruption to your daily routines. We prioritize the health and safety of your family above all else, and we treat your home like our own. When you’re ready for electrical repairs that exceed your expectations, just call Heritage.


We’re Here for All Your Electrical Repair Needs

Whether you’re dealing with an immediate electrical issue or looking to upgrade your home’s electrical system for safety, efficiency, and reliability, Heritage Home Service is here for you. Our licensed electricians bring the expertise, tools, and dedication to ensure your Maine home’s electrical system is in peak condition.

Don’t wait until small electrical issues become a major problem. Contact Heritage today for reliable, expert electrical repair services in Maine.

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