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Edward Mehigen
Edward Mehigen 5.0

Service was efficient and well done. Techs were very personable, suggestions to improve performance were made and implemented. Could not be more pleased.

John Latham
John Latham 5.0

Great customer service. The plumber was very accommodating, flexible and personable. Also good quality work.

Jennifer Fansler
Jennifer Fansler 5.0

Timely response on a weekend and fixed our problem. Courteous and knowledgeable staff. Definitely will call them again

Thomas Field
Thomas Field 4.0

Heritage recently did extensive electrical work over a two-day period. Later, it replaced a kitchen faucet, including exit plumbing. In both cases, additional small jobs were done gratis and cheerfully. Still later, they repaired a leaking sewer line and ...hardware on a bathroom sink. I can't shake the notion that their prices are too high, but maybe not if one, as I do, has confidence in their workRead More...

Janet Whalen Salvo
Janet Whalen Salvo 5.0

The service people arrived promptly to our water heater not working. They installed a new one, with efficiency and attention to our needs.

Alan Sbi
Alan Sbi 5.0

I needed a hot tub hock up, the job seemed simple, but as soon as Matt started the work, it appears that the location of the underground power cable was though to access, then was too short to reach the hot tub power board. Matt found the best solution ...to the problem and worked diligently to get the tub running. I was very happy to get the tub working and glad i hired Heritage. Thanks Matt for a great Job.Read More...

Matt 5.0

Heritage came out late at night when our hot water heater went and had us up and running again within a couple of hours. They did a great job.

Amanda Thomason
Amanda Thomason 2.0

Terrible, terrible service. Set up a dryer installation and made sure to mention on the phone during set up that we needed the dryer converted from natural gas to propane and that we already had the conversion kit. They failed to mention until 1/2 hour ...before the appointment that they don't do conversions. Completely wasted my time. They did apologize and send a check, so I added a star.Read More...

Barbara Lieb
Barbara Lieb 5.0

Very professional

Andy Damm
Andy Damm 5.0

love the service and friendliness of the service staff

Jerry Mahar
Jerry Mahar 3.0

I needed a electriction, and heritage was promont to arrive very professional, they did a very good job, but they are just too expensive , If i had more time away from work i would have hired someone else, not because of the quality of the people or the ...work they did , it is the cost of their servicesRead More...

alevesqueful 5.0

Great service and technician was pleasant and experienced. Would definitely call them again

tammy s
tammy s 5.0

Great customer service very professional.The techs and sales people are friendly and informative.We are very satisfied with all the work they’ve done for us.

Gina Van Der Meeren
Gina Van Der Meeren 5.0

Very quick and good service !

Isaac Apuan
Isaac Apuan 5.0

Heritage, technician, Andy was professionally knowledgeable and courteous.

Annie Mullen
Annie Mullen 1.0

They want to charge 640.00 to replace two air valves that cost about 8 dollars each. Ridiculous

Matt Fagan
Matt Fagan 4.0

Ken Sweeney
Ken Sweeney 4.0

technicians are always great and very knowledgeable but repaid prices do seem on the high side

Gloria Witham
Gloria Witham 5.0

Not only did they come to my house 1 hour after I called, Todd was able to figure out the problem and fix it within 2 hours. He not only was able to fix the electrical issue, he also saw I was having a bad day and did everything he could to help fix that ...on his end and still called me after the job was done to inform me of a promotion that would very much benefit me. I can't thank Todd and the others at Heritage enough for helping me. I needed just one thing to go right and they delivered. I will definitely be using them in the future and will recommend them to anyone that asks!!Read More...

Llasnad 4.0

Marie Mullins
Marie Mullins 5.0

Prompt, professional and friendly service. Couldn't be happier!

Ellen Fries
Ellen Fries 5.0

When our boiler quit and we had no heat the service person, Bob, was here within an hour or so. He got it up and running and explained to us what was going on - excellent service.

Lesley Willard
Lesley Willard 5.0

Absolutely thrilled with the service we received with Heritage! Jason was prompt, courteous, clean and thorough. He examined our system from top to bottom to diagnose our low water pressure issue as well as identifying areas where we could fix ...additional nuisance issues. Heritage was the third plumber to come out for our issue and the only one to deliver results. I am confident that the service we received was the right solution for us and I am comfortable with the rates charged. Pleased to have a go to provider for future repair needs.Read More...

pamela foss
pamela foss 5.0

Rich came in...fixed the problem and plenty of explanations. good for me to know

David Daley
David Daley 5.0

Tod Cohen
Tod Cohen 5.0

Very good service. Bob did a wonderful job and gave information at every turn to help me understand my boiler and possible upgrades.

Adele B
Adele B 5.0

My hot water tank and well pump tank sprang a leak at the same time. Made a frantic call to Heritage Monday morning and within 30 minutes the technician arrived at my door. We discussed what needed to be done and I had a new tank for my well water and ...hot water by mid afternoon. Jason was very professional, pleasant and knowledgeable. He did an excellent job! Highly recommend Heritage.Read More...

O. A. Rebo
O. A. Rebo 5.0

Matt was incredibly helpful and patient, even though my issue was most likely user-caused. He carried the work promptly and explained the cost and reasons behind the work. He didn't overcharge me and overall was very helpful and open for any doubts I had ...or advice I needed. Great experience.Read More...

Roland LeBlanc
Roland LeBlanc 5.0

Excellent service highly recommended

Michael Yergeau Sr
Michael Yergeau Sr 4.0

BrianP Roy
BrianP Roy 5.0

Stephen Savarese
Stephen Savarese 5.0

Matt was efficient and professional

Lisa Acosta
Lisa Acosta 3.0

I typically really like Heritage and have found them to be reasonable in the past, however when they arrived today and charged me $500 to fix a leaky shower head I was less than impressed. It took the plumber about a half hour and then we were informed ...it is only guaranteed for 90 days. For $500 you would think they would guarantee their work longer. We will see how long it lasts, stay tuned!Read More...

George Flibotte
George Flibotte 3.0

lyn con
lyn con 5.0

Michael was very informative about the issues at our home. He also let me know about issues that may come about in the future.

James Boffetti
James Boffetti 5.0

Scott Rowland
Scott Rowland 4.0

Pricey, but very professional and do a top notch job. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

LM Nickerson
LM Nickerson 5.0

Heritage was responsive and timely. Jason was great about contacting me before arriving and giving an ETA. He was accommodating by helping resolve which tasks required immediacy. In addition, he's skilled, conscientious, knowledgeable and personable. ...Hands down, the service was great! TY, Jason.Read More...

Keith Thibault
Keith Thibault 5.0

The tech was excellent, going above and beyond to not only get us back up and running quickly but also making sure every detail was correct and the system optimized for peak performance.

Robbie G
Robbie G 5.0

As always, Heritage Plumbing provides top-notch service and know-how. Jason came out, in really nasty weather, as scheduled, and performed the job we had requested with professionalism. Thank you!

Dannie Lessieur
Dannie Lessieur 5.0

Mark May
Mark May 5.0

Fast, on time. Excellent job.

Meghan Hicking
Meghan Hicking 5.0

Melissa Ricker
Melissa Ricker 5.0

Leaking shower: This was excellent service for a very fair price! The technician was able to come out the same day and was very prompt! He was very nice and knowledgeable and didn’t try to up sell us on anything. Definitely using Heritage again in the ...future! Thank you so so much!Read More...

Maribel Lozada
Maribel Lozada 5.0

Very professional and fast service.

Rong Chen
Rong Chen 1.0

Yesterday, I had the experience to deal with Heritage for the first time. I bought my house from the previous owner about 4 years ago. The main house furnace, hot water, and garage furnace were all installed by Heritage at different times. Two days ...ago, we started to smell a bad odor in the house. We called a different HVAC company to check it first. They determined that the main furnace's propane pressure was low, and the propane was not burned correctly, causing soot in the fire exchanger. I called the propane company to report a leak. Propane company sent somebody over, and they determined that somebody installed the wrong gas pipe inside the house with a soft copper 5/8 pipe instead of 3/4 black iron pipe for over 100,000 BTU requirement. Also, the soft copper pipe was also bent, which narrowed the supply of gas even further. So essentially, the pipe was not installed correctly in the first place. The technician said that the sooting of the fire exchanger was an inevitable result. Then, I immediately called Heritage since they installed everything. They sent somebody called Nick to come over and check it yesterday. He came on time to check the issue, but there is only one good thing that came out of this. He spent a lot of time talking to his supervisor and basically told me that it is not their problem. They will usually only be responsible for the furnace and at most five feet of piping from the furnace. Nick said that they are an upscale company that never does work such as that. Yet, the bent pipe was about 6 feet away from the furnace which is within the visual range at a glance. Even if they didn't install the pipes, how can they install furnaces knowing that the piping was not done properly? The consequence could have been dire. Someone could have died. The whole time, Nick was trying to sell me another furnace while deflecting responsibilities. He kept trying to sell me some comfort consultants the last hour he was there. At different occasions, he was saying that he cannot prove that Heritage did not install the wrong pipe. Still, he strongly stated the whole time that Heritage did not do it to cause the furnace fire exchange soot. It is impossible that they would not have known about the wrong pipe issue, because they had to make a connection off the wrong pipe for the hot water heater and the main furnace. Since they installed the two furnaces and hot water tank in the house, it is reasonable to assume that they installed the pipe as well. Even if they did not install the piping, it is very unethical for them to install furnaces and hot water tanks since my family could have been poisoned with carbon monoxide or have the house blown up. Either Heritage really does not care (unethical) or their technicians are really incompetent (which makes one wonder about their professionalism). At the end of the day, the only thing that they did was try to sell their product, as opposed to finding a solution to the problem.Read More...

Barbara Jahn
Barbara Jahn 5.0

Derek was very good, explaining every thing as he went along. And any questions we had he answered quickly. He explained his recommendations & where to find the answers.

marilyn greene
marilyn greene 5.0

Your technician did a superb installing a new water heater and pressure release valve (I think that's what it's called). When e rhe inspected the old water heater he thoroughly explained the problems and alternatives. He also discussed financing which ...I chose to select. I would have him back in a minute! Several days later I required Heritage again, this time to repair a leaky faucet. The vanity had no shut off valves. The two technicians (don't have their names unfortunately) installed the proper valves. I know the vanity needs to be replaced at some point but this was the least expensive way to take care of the problem. I appreciated their solution. They also shoveled a portion of my driveway near where their van was parked.Read More...

Steve Seabrook
Steve Seabrook 5.0

The service tech was very professional and took care of everything! Very satisfied!

Rich Bensinger
Rich Bensinger 5.0

When we returned from an out of town trip to a home with no water and a likely frozen/burst pipe, we searched for an emergency plumber and Heritage's 1-800 number came up. We called at 7 pm on a Friday night and they had a plumber out the next day. He ...quickly diagnosed the burst pipe as part of our irrigation system and shut that component down getting the house fully operational within 15 minutes. We can defer the irrigation system repairs to Spring. He also quickly fixed a sink stopper problem that had been a nuisance. It was a great experience and we'll be using them again for sure. Also, the cost for an emergency weekend response was very reasonable.Read More...

Jessica Sharkey
Jessica Sharkey 5.0

I am so unbelievably happy with the service I received, I called Heritage for the first time after seeing a commercial on Tuesday, they gave me an appointment for the very next Saturday! Sam was our plumber and he got to the house right on time and he ...was so nice and patient explained everything to me and put up with all my questions and believe me I had ALLOT! I received a few options for each problem I was facing so I wasn't forced into just one option, he was fantastic, and fast didn't take long to diagnose and fix the issue and was very informative on other options.i will definitely be back again for plumbing and heating services !thanks Sam !Read More...

Johanna Papantones
Johanna Papantones 5.0

Excellent plumber. Very professional. Would hire again and recommend to friends.

Nancy Fraser
Nancy Fraser 5.0

I couldn't of had a better experience than what I had with Heritage Plumbing & Heating. The service was excellent, the person that showed up was wonderful, very kind and professional, went over everything with me once he looked the situation over, and ...gave me my options. I would recommend Heritage anytime. Thank you Heritage Plumbing & Heating.....Read More...

Ken Mills
Ken Mills 5.0

Chris was very skilled and was able to quickly and easily identify our issue. We required the assistance of the town as well and he coordinated the entire mini crisis for us. I am now a customer for life of Heritage!

josh bouchard
josh bouchard 5.0

Dillon McKenzie
Dillon McKenzie 5.0

Heritage did a great job!!!! Customer service was great!!!

Ben Ficken
Ben Ficken 5.0

I had a great experience with Heritage. Adam replaced a rain damaged main entry cable in no time. Also he didn't try to oversell me on any extras. Definitely will call them if needed in the future.

Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor 5.0

Wow, What great service. They came when they said they would and stayed till the Job was finished. Matt and his crew are Highly recommended. I called on a Wed and they made the initial visit on a Friday. I had tried 4 different electricians and they ...never would return phone calls nor would they come when they said they would. It's a pleasure to have such great service. You will have a repeat customer !!! Thanks againRead More...

L Green
L Green 5.0

Very good experience. The fellow who worked in my house, Sam, was very nice and respectful of my home. He was very clear in explaining what was necessary & I felt he was very trustworthy as well.

Jill Gendron
Jill Gendron 5.0

We called Heritage Plumbing on Monday and they promptly called back. They set up an appointment for the next day. Today our plumbing technician, Jason K, was very knowledgeable, efficient and hard-working. He explained everything to us clearly and we ...were very pleased with his work. We would request Jason K again if we need to use Heritage again.Read More...

David Guilmette
David Guilmette 5.0

First time using Heritage. Jason was professional and on time. Problem was identified and resolved quickly. Highly recommend.

carmela crawford
carmela crawford 5.0

Mirga Girnius
Mirga Girnius 5.0

It was raining and they put on surgeon's booties to avoid tracking dirt on the floor. They tuned the generator and tested it before declaring the job done.

Charles HUMPHREY 5.0

A very leaking pipe in an out of the way place; flooding basement. Plumber arrived as expected, completed the job very well and gave us another few years before the next pipe goes. Great job, professionally done!

Eric Trum
Eric Trum 5.0

Fast, reliable, and top-notch high-quality service! Friendly and helpful staff! Would use Heritage again without a doubt!

Courtnee Barchus
Courtnee Barchus 1.0

They won’t give prices over the phone so be prepared for an astronomical price for something that takes a half hour. We just needed a faucet installed that we already bought and it was going to cost 500$. Also if you are not sure and want a price the ...will charge you 90$ alone to give you a price because they will not give you the price over the phone. So just know whether or not you want their service before they get to your door.Read More...

Sally Emerson
Sally Emerson 5.0

Great, quick response! Thank you so much

Crystal Andres
Crystal Andres 4.0

michelle cammett
michelle cammett 5.0

These guys were the BEST! They came in to replace my furnace. Didn't even know they were here most of the time. They went quickly to work. When they were done they cleaned up so good other than the furnace you'd never know they were here. They even ...cleaned the snow that fell off the roof in front of my door. One guy even fixed my cast iron pole that got bent. Now that is SERVICE! Thanks Heritage! Y'all the BEST! I'm toasty warm.Read More...

Rachel Morrissey
Rachel Morrissey 5.0

At a time of stress & anxiety, Sam made the process of replacing my water heater as smooth as possible. He was extremely knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. There was never a time I didn't understand what was going on. The customer service of ...Heritage is unmatchable and I would recommend/trust this company again and again.Read More...

Scott Hopkins
Scott Hopkins 3.0

Srivatsan Chetlur
Srivatsan Chetlur 5.0

Best in business. Jason came, saw the problem and conquered it.. Awesome.. Will recommend and they are the first and last in my call list for plumbing issues.

Bill T
Bill T 5.0

Justin was extremely helpful. Explained what he found, showed me how to correct it and then followed up to make sure all was ok. Couldn’t be happier with the experience.

Cindy Currie
Cindy Currie 5.0

Always, always able to solve the problem, and usually very quickly! Office staff (who take your calls and schedule your appointments) and service people are kind, friendly, respectful, and communicative. I use Heritage for ALL of my household ...electrical, plumbing, heating, and airco maintenance and issues and I have for years! I would not use anyone else!Read More...

Jessica Ferreira
Jessica Ferreira 5.0

Matt was great. He explained the issue, answered all my questions and went out of his way to fix the issue.

John Woelflein
John Woelflein 5.0

Bernie arrived promptly and quickly solved our heating problem. Excellent job done. He is very knowledgeable and personable. Great job!

Paula Lavigne
Paula Lavigne 5.0

Completely satisfied with the quick response to an untimely plumbing / septic issue during a snow storm , as well as Matt’s professionalism , knowledge & exemplary work ethic , which he displayed in process he took to assess & repair what ended up ...being multiple issues , including digging for septic access under 15” of snow! Having a past history of some lackluster service from other companies , his service gets an A+!Read More...

Veronica Savage
Veronica Savage 5.0

Our first experience with Heritage and we’re very pleased. I called late on Friday because we had a leak under the kitchen sink. A bad one. They were able to schedule the job for Tuesday between 10 and 1. We also had several other items to be done and ...they took that info and said they would do their best. Matt arrived at 10:30 after calling at 10 as promised. He was very pleasant, upbeat and friendly. He looked at everything and wrote up a detailed estimate with several options. We picked our option and he started right away. He was very knowledgeable and got the job done in a few hours. I would not hesitate to use Heritage and Matt again! Thanks Matt 😀Read More...

Scott Rosenthal
Scott Rosenthal 5.0

Rob Trotte
Rob Trotte 5.0

Excellent experience with their HVAC service and install teams. The service department went though both my furnaces very thoroughly. Heritage is also very thorough in their install, they didn't just replace one of my furnaces but made sure all the ...ducting was up to spec to heat the house properly, upgrading where necessary. We were very thankful that we had heat for hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the family.Read More...

Stephen Ciaccio
Stephen Ciaccio 3.0

So this is a mixed review. This past Sunday my gas water heater developed a vary large leak. The only company available to come and replace the heater was Heritage. The Tech was prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. My options were given to me and, ...obviously for the amount quoted I chose the least expensive at $4125.00. I was told by opting for the Home Advantage Plan for $69 I could save a bit more which brought it down to $3935.75. This also included the $269.10 Emergency service Fee and the $179.55 Permit Fee. What was also on the quote which I didn't see was a new mixing valve for $529.15. My existing valve was working ( I later looked up the price of this valve and found it for $151. There must have been a reason for replacing it though it wasn't explained to me. The new State 50 gal heater was priced at $2888.95 ( I found a similar residential unit for $652 at Home Depot P/N XG50T09HE40U0 with same BTU rating, plus an additional 3 years on the warranty. Even though I purchased the service agreement, I won't be using it at all because of a bad experience I had with my last water heater (also installed by Heritage) and will cancel this new one before it renews. I would give 5 Stars for the personnel and work, but only 1 Star for the price. If they only were a little more reasonable on the price of the project they would have had a loyal customer for life instead of someone who won't use them again.Read More...

mary d
mary d 5.0

Wonderful Customer Service with options to have work done in a timely manner. Plumber Bob was polite, honest and sincere, he gave options to best meet my service needs. Work was done with perfection, cleaned up and explained everything being done. Best ...of all, they value you as a customer- need work done, go with Heritage they truly make a difference with giving you their best service. This company is top notch!!! Great Job...Read More...

Maria Guarino
Maria Guarino 5.0

November 2019 Update: This is the third time I have used Heritage this year alone. They are the best and I wouldn't go anywhere else!! They may be more expensive than the rest, but they are definitely worth every penny. This time around - it was ...plumbing issues! All fixed in a timely manner by a very knowledgeable service person. I just will not go anywhere else because I know I will not get this level of service elsewhere.Read More...

Steven Wyrsch
Steven Wyrsch 5.0

I called on a Tuesday afternoon with a hot water tank issue. It required additional electrical work and a new tank. I was presented all the options. The electrical specialist came to give me an estimate, and complete the electrical work that evening so ...the tank installation would not be delayed the next day. The team was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. The install went flawlessly and everything was totally explained to me and my wife about the work done and operations of the new unit. Dustin and his coworker are total professionals who I trust explicitly. They did an excellent job and I highly recommend their services!Read More...

Anthony Patch
Anthony Patch 5.0

Outstanding. Jason was exceptional in both his professional and friendly manner, as well as his expertise with the replacement and upgrade of our water heating system. I highly recommend both Jason and Heritage.

kristie gatherum
kristie gatherum 5.0

Woullard Lett
Woullard Lett 5.0

Steve Curry
Steve Curry 5.0

Good, quick service event. Service person, Chris Hadley, was professional, knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. Did a great job!

Gayle Towle
Gayle Towle 5.0

Rich from Heritage was outstanding in his service - he explained everything to my mom and was very thorough and did quality work. He was neat and organized and very focused on the job at hand. When he was complete and had picked up and cleaned the ...bathroom he had my mom and I inspect it and asked her to sit and ensure she was comfortable. Outstanding service Thank you Rich and Heritage!!!!! Gayle Towle and her mom Kay AndersonRead More...

Ted Panopoulos
Ted Panopoulos 5.0

Bridget Kilgore-Prugh
Bridget Kilgore-Prugh 5.0

I am always impressed at the level of professionalism, helpfulness, and kindness that every member of this company exhibits from the first telephone call to the completion of the project. Thank you for being a company i can trust to fix problems in a ...timely fashion.Read More...

Louis Rubino
Louis Rubino 5.0

Arrived on time. Did the job quickly and cleaned up after himself. Maybe a little pricey.

Heidi Murad
Heidi Murad 5.0

Mark Scott
Mark Scott 5.0

Awesome job, Adam was fantastic. Work was done with full review and explanations, and everything came out great. Inside lighting, all smoke/heat/CO detectors replaced, new outdoor ad garage lighting, and Ring doorbells. We have used Heritage for plumbing ...and electrical work, and will again.Read More...

Thomas Throop
Thomas Throop 1.0

I would give Heritage a Zero because of what happened. We were having a toilet replaced. I had already taken the toilet off and removed the flange. We also put on a new flange. I know I signed the agreement before only because I trusted this was a ...difficult thing and I heard the Heritage guy say I don't know how I am going to do this before I signed the agreement. In the end, job took 45 minutes, I was charged $425 for putting on the toilet basically. $250 to replace broken flange, which was basically already on except for 4 screws/bolts. So I was charged $770 for a job that took an hour 4 screws and bolts (which I had basically was going to just get) and should have only cost around $200 to $250.00. In my opinion, Heritage is a disgrace and not a very honest company. I would never use them again, I would never recommend them to friends and I would suggest you don't use them if you read this review. I have talked to friends and they told me the same thing about Heritage and their dishonesty. My friends and I have agreed this is the old bait and switch that Heritage is doing. Don't ever use them, in my opinion. I am sure Heritage will write back and say I signed the contract or something. Which is exactly what a person says with bait and switch.Read More...

Jonathan Rasmussen
Jonathan Rasmussen 5.0

Was happy with all aspects of the work performed at my home. new utility sink they took time explaining all the issue ,drainage etc. would recommendthem and Heritage to all my business associates and friends!!

Douglas Parker
Douglas Parker 4.0

Greg Germanton
Greg Germanton 5.0

I had an emergency Sunday at about 2 PM with my basement flooding from a septic back up. I called Heritage and Matt came by in less than an hour. Matt is a really nice guy, very knowledgeable, knew what the problem was within five minutes and proceeded ...to fix it. He dug up my septic, cleared the roots that were blocking the drain and gave me some good information as to how to prevent this from happening in the future. I had a problem that to me seemed really bad. l am so glad I did not hesitate to call heritage. I feel they are worth every penny.Read More...

Shlomo Klaen
Shlomo Klaen 5.0

John Falcone
John Falcone 5.0

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