Our Lifetime Warranty & Guarantees

Our Guarantees

When you call Heritage, you not only get our warranty benefits but also the peace of mind that you called the most reputable company in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  Our family has been proudly and professionally serving our communities for over 32 years.  If you’re not completely happy with our services, tell us.  We’ll do what it takes to make things right.


Our promise to you is other than the quality solutions we provide, there won’t be a trace that we were ever in your home!  Our expert technicians will arrive in clean uniforms, organized trucks, and shoe covers to ensure your home stays tidy.  We’ll leave making sure the work area is as clean as we found it.

Customer First Lifetime Warranty & Guarantees at Heritage


We conduct personality assessments, drug testing, and criminal background screening to ensure our employees provide you a pleasant and trustworthy experience.  We guarantee your technician will be competent, safe, respectful, and friendly.

Upfront Pricing

We’ll perform a complete assessment of your issue and provide you a firm quote – and we stick to it even if the job takes longer or requires additional parts.  You’ll never pay more than what was quoted – giving you the peace of mind to make an informed decision before any work is started.

On-Time Arrival

You will receive both a three-hour appointment window to expect your technician and a thirty-minute call ahead to notify you of their coming arrival. If your technician does not arrive on time or provide this call ahead, we will credit you $50 towards your service.

Problem Solved

Our solutions are always intended to be long-term solutions. If the work we do does not live up to the expectations promised, we will do everything we can to fix the issue at no cost to you.  Just Call Heritage – Problem Solved.

Heritage Techinician in front on truck
Jack Constantian
Jack Constantian 5.0

Bob Maurer
Bob Maurer 5.0

Joyce Marchand
Joyce Marchand 5.0

Jason was totally professional and impeccable as usual.

Joe Scotti
Joe Scotti 5.0

Updated 09/25/20 Had Bob come out today to service our Buderus Boiler System. Bob is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and was Bernie last year. Kudos to Heritage Plumbing for a crackerjack team of technicians! We've been residing in our home for 35 years (since ...new) and had countless trades people perform work from Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Roofers, etc. This is our first experience with Heritage. Bernie Albair was by far one of the best technicians / trades people, that has ever worked in our home. Bernie's attention to detail, knowledge level and experience with the installation of a new Roth oil tank and a burner service FAR EXCEEDED our expectations. AAAAA! He was on time, completed the job ahead of schedule and left my basement spotless. Without a doubt, I would hire (AND RECOMMEND) Bernie again without any hesitation. Thank you Bernie for your excellent service! Heritage has a new customer!Read More...

Paula Foy
Paula Foy 5.0

Nick was very thorough with his inspection and we feel our HVAC system is well maintained and everything is being done to prevent surprises down the road. He showed us a part that is beginning to show signs of wear and noted it in our case file so it ...can be monitored year to year. We have used other companies in the past for maintenance and none have been as thorough.Read More...

Marissa Bazarian
Marissa Bazarian 5.0

Joy Baker
Joy Baker 5.0

Jeremy A. was great. Prompt, knowledgeable, efficient and sincere.

Jim Troy
Jim Troy 5.0

D Davis
D Davis 4.0

Jason was very professional, informative, on time and Covid compliant

Charlene Foster
Charlene Foster 5.0

Brandon McBride
Brandon McBride 5.0

Richard Ritchotte
Richard Ritchotte 5.0

Christian Lacroix
Christian Lacroix 5.0

Yes, Heritage may be a good company, but this review is all about Rich. Rich is one of the most professional and knowledgeable service providers I have ever worked with to date. I won’t write a book here, even though I could based on how amazing Rich ...is at his job. Real stand up guy, hard to come by these days. HIGHLY RECOMMEND heritage just based on Rich and my experiences with him when problems arise. (Called me back to set up an appointment at 6:30 on a Friday night, works his tail off and saves customers $$$ whenever possible. Thank you Rich.Read More...

Shantel Frost
Shantel Frost 5.0

Todd was very professional, helpful and efficient. I appreciated the fact that he wore a mask and booties. He explained everything completely. I would definitely recommend him and heritage in the future!

Beverly Minnigh
Beverly Minnigh 5.0

Paula Alibrandi
Paula Alibrandi 5.0

Nick Cottier
Nick Cottier 4.0

Eileen Herring
Eileen Herring 5.0

Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson 1.0

Called to replace three way valve in shower. Called and canceled first appointment after I took the day off. Reschedule for next day. Tech showed up was very professional. Gave me price to repair of $1000. This is ridiculous as it took him less then an ...hour to complete. They refused to give me their hourly rate or what they are charging for parts. I am a pipe fitter so I know what the materials cost and also know they are ripping me off but I was in a fix due to taking two days off for this repair. Will never use again and would not recommend this company.Read More...

Steve Seabrook
Steve Seabrook 5.0

The service tech was very professional and took care of everything! Very satisfied!

Barbara Gibeau
Barbara Gibeau 5.0

Arthur O'Hara
Arthur O'Hara 5.0

Excellent company and exceptional employees!!!

Nancy Primo
Nancy Primo 5.0

Leah Shuldiner (Parent)
Leah Shuldiner (Parent) 5.0

donna wrobel
donna wrobel 5.0

Joyce Ashcroft
Joyce Ashcroft 5.0

AJ was extremely patient and helpful in our efforts to get my leak-alarm system connected to my phone. I really appreciate his willingness to take the extra time to make sure it was set up and working properly. I was ready to give up, but he wasn't! ...Thanks again.Read More...

Mac 5.0

Heritage is amazing. No muss, no fuss. And it doesn't hurt the techs are cute as hell.

diana zuleta
diana zuleta 5.0

Pam Gazley
Pam Gazley 5.0

Kristin L. Erickson
Kristin L. Erickson 2.0

Installed a main sewerage pipe system in home - 14 months later we are in the basement and there is water that had spread through the basement and traced to their work. Turns out the PVC plug was not installed correctly. The pipe was cracked but left. ...Overtime the slow drip drip drip was a huge mess. Called for assistance and was asked to send pictures. Sent pictures [showing the actual leak] and was told it could be a back up, etc and he did not have the equipment nor could he diagnose the problem. Was very resistant to problem solve and clearly did not want to deal. Had us walking upstairs to make sure the washing machine was not on, etc. Hung on with him who was unwilling to help yet kept us on the phone wasting all our time and called a man who looked at the same photo and said there is a clear leak. Told us how to "patch" for the night and he would be here in the morning. Apparently BOTH of the oncall techs from Heritage were unable to do basic plumbing. Then they said, this is past warranty - no compassion, no stand by their work, no sense of urgency, no discount. This equals no work for them from us ever again...not to mention we will share our experience with as many folks as possible. Want to mention that 2 other shops we called that sadly had no appts available cautiously let us know that Heritage is incompetent.Read More...

Deborah Hendry
Deborah Hendry 5.0

Zachary Whitermore
Zachary Whitermore 5.0

Tim was great to work with, very knowledgeable and professional. Explained the ins and outs of our heating and cooling system at our new house and was very thorough in his inspections and cleanings! I would definitely recommend working with heritage.

Monika Johnson
Monika Johnson 5.0

jessica erickson
jessica erickson 5.0

Will and Chris were both very professional and appeared to be straight shooters. Obviously pricing on plumbing is never cheap but they gave honest feedback and was able to complete our leak in our bathroom within 2 days of assessing it. I will definitely ...use them againRead More...

Peter Darasz
Peter Darasz 5.0

Glenna Soirez
Glenna Soirez 4.0

Work was excellent, technician was friendly and knowledgeable, time to complete the job was good and knowing the price upfront was great.

Marlene Abood
Marlene Abood 5.0

Matt Severance
Matt Severance 5.0

Roger came to do my annual service on my hot water boiler. Great guy - very professional and thorough. Highly recommend.

Joseph Silva
Joseph Silva 5.0

Professional and courteous. Answered all my questions and made certain that I was satisfied before he left.

Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 5.0

Technicians are courteous and knowledgeable. They do the job correctly the first time...a rarity these days. Highly recommend.

Ralph Wilson
Ralph Wilson 5.0

Adam knew my AC and explained what was happening

addie howard
addie howard 5.0

Very easy to work with, decent pricing, quick and clean

patricia costanzo
patricia costanzo 5.0

We had Nick come to fix our A/C today and he was awesome!! Thank you Nick❤️

Shawn Burgess
Shawn Burgess 4.0

Linda Drew
Linda Drew 4.0

Jason Overson
Jason Overson 5.0

frank huston
frank huston 5.0

I am very happy to have benefited from HVAC Specialist Bob Josephson’s extensive knowledge and expertise. Bob’s suggestions and work enabled my heating system and new water heater to achieve top performance. At the same time, he made sure they will ...have maximum efficiency to save me money going forward.Read More...

Christopher Bahl
Christopher Bahl 1.0

I called the emergency line on friday, got a call back in 5mins saying a technician in my area will call with a quote. 2 days later still no call!!!

Lori Kayajanian
Lori Kayajanian 5.0

Brian Emmerson
Brian Emmerson 5.0

Very professional, responded very fast, and respected my customer's property. Well done all around. Thank you

Debera Lund
Debera Lund 5.0

HOA mandated washer dryer hose replacement upgrade to metal mesh encased hoses.

Steven Kenneally
Steven Kenneally 5.0

Matt Smith is a great plumber talked so that we understand everything went through everything that could be wrong and how he would fix it HE did a great clean job I would have him back anytime Thank you Steven and David linatsas

Lyn Gabrielson
Lyn Gabrielson 5.0

Joe was phenomenal. He answered all my questions with clarity and sincerity . He was efficient with all he had to do. I would give him 5 stars .

Joseph Patuto
Joseph Patuto 5.0

harry harrison
harry harrison 5.0

Alicia Brown
Alicia Brown 5.0

Mia Cloonan
Mia Cloonan 5.0

I am a huge fan of Heritage! They are very professional and personal, from the initial call with a live person to the in- home service. I appreciate their coutesy and efficiency and have used them several times for various electrical and plumbing ...needs. They are my go-to people for all my home services! Typical of their respect for their customers they wear mask and booties as part of their COVID practices. It's nice to feel that I don't have to put my home service needs on hold. Thank you!Read More...

Linda Mahoney
Linda Mahoney 5.0

Miles Martin
Miles Martin 5.0

mary starratt
mary starratt 4.0

Response to request for sink clog was prompt. Work was timely and satisfactory. Cost was surprising. $479.00 for unclogging a kitchen drain is a disgrace.

Tommy Ehrisman
Tommy Ehrisman 5.0

Sam - was outstanding in my three toilet replacements and went the extra mile in ensuring no wiggleness existed as my wife suffers from a movement disorder with body shakes and might loosen the toilet to a point of eakage if not firmly attached to the ...floor. He was extremely courteous and kept fully informed about the work being done. It is people like Sam that Heritage employees that have kept me Heritage over the years. Hopefully Sam's boss can recognize him in some way for what I have written here. We would love Sam do all our repairs now and into thr future - thank you Sam. Tommy and Ann EhrismanRead More...

Rowdy Allard
Rowdy Allard 5.0

Linda Anason
Linda Anason 5.0

Jason was a life saver, I had a water leak that had spread all over my floor. He came and bypassed the system until the problem could be addressed tomorrow. He was courteous and prompt. I am grateful for the service. Thank you Jason!

Torri Richards
Torri Richards 5.0

Brad B.
Brad B. 5.0

My family uses Heritage for all of our HVAC maintenance and services. They have done the maintenance and service and the occasional repair on our ductless AC as well as installing a new natural gas /forced hot water boiler heating system in our home. ...Heritage is reliable and professional and performs work to the highest of standards. Professionalism is outstanding and they stand by their work. We switched to Heritage two years ago after a bad experience with another local company. We are sticking with Heritage for our HVAC business as they work hard for customer satisfaction and will always make things right.Read More...

Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 5.0

They were very professional and friendly, will definitely be doing business with them again in the future.

Samantha Doherty
Samantha Doherty 5.0

I had an issue with our AC leaking from the condensation line. Something that I later found out was because of how it was originally installed. Our technician Bob was SO nice and took the time to explain everything without even having to ask him! I felt ...confident in the work he was doing. I signed right up for that membership and will absolutely be continuing my services with Heritage. The rep I dealt with on the phone, though I don’t remember her name, she was also nice and was upfront about the costs. She was also able to understand what I was talking about with my awful description of what was wrong lol. Friendly, knowledgeable, reliable.Read More...

Joshua Chasse'
Joshua Chasse' 5.0

nisrene pelland
nisrene pelland 5.0

Very knowledgeable! Excellent service. Very clean and fast.

Thomas Field
Thomas Field 5.0

Over the past couple weeks, I paid Heritage about $25K to replace an oil-fired boiler and all components of the downstairs a/c zone. Separately, I asked them to finish upgrading garage and cellar wiring. All work was done promptly and on schedule by a ...half-dozen highly skilled technicians. All were diligent, competent and friendly, as well as eager to explain various changes in location and function. More recently, they also took corona-related precautions. Since December, when we moved into this sponge for expensive repairs, they also spent two days on extensive electrical work and replaced a faucet and exit plumbing on a kitchen sink. While our former residence was on the market, they repaired a leaking sewer line and bathroom sink hardware. A notion that their prices are high was confirmed by one of their employees. Yet a premium is warranted by confidence in their work -- and their willingness to attend to several small jobs, gratis and cheerfully.Read More...

Leo Dumont. Jr
Leo Dumont. Jr 5.0

Timothy Stickney
Timothy Stickney 5.0

Ryan Forde
Ryan Forde 5.0

Jodi Bencks
Jodi Bencks 5.0

My husband scheduled the service to install our new sink, faucet and repair a leak we had in existing sink pipes. Bob from Heritage was friendly, gave me all of our options for the repair and was clear and concise. He was pleasant to have in my home and ...I felt very honest as well regarding what we needed to do. No big sales pitches. I would definitely recommend using Heritage and we will use them again if the need arises.Read More...

Brian Spagna
Brian Spagna 5.0

Nothing but good things to say about Heritage. I called Monday afternoon to have a technician look at a malfunctioning AC unit. I was told they could have a technician there the next day at 6am.(6 am, who does that?!). I’m an early riser so no ...problem. Received a call from the technician, Bernie, about 20 minutes before 6am to let me know he’d be there right at 6. Bernie was awesome. Friendly, personable, KNOWLEDGEABLE. As expected he diagnosed the problem BUT he took the extra time and EXPLAINED everything and answered all my questions. Heritage gained a repeat customer today.Read More...

Joseph DeRosa
Joseph DeRosa 5.0

Jack McGovern
Jack McGovern 5.0

Heritage empolyees do very good work. That goes for Nick as well. I have used Heritage for many years. I am happy with their products and workmanship. I would recommend to anyone who needs HVAC work.

Kim Asacker
Kim Asacker 4.0

Scott Keiran
Scott Keiran 5.0

James Tegeder
James Tegeder 5.0

Carol Perdew
Carol Perdew 5.0

Henry Lindell
Henry Lindell 4.0

Jane DeAngelis
Jane DeAngelis 5.0

As a new home owner found Heritage to offer all the services that I needed - plumbing, electrical, AC and hybrid hot water heater systems installation. Responsive customer service, competitive pricing with discounts and rebate management, thorough and ...helpful install technicians. Great experience - new customer to Heritage this year.Read More...

Anita Klein
Anita Klein 5.0

Andrew from Heritage did a great job fixing my dripping faucet.

jane white
jane white 5.0

Tom was extremely professional, punctual and knowledgeable. He was able to complete all our projects and make sure to keep me in the loop and well informed of everything going on. As a first time home owner I feel my electrical needs were tended to ...accurately and fairly. I will certainly be using Heritage again!Read More...

Gail Wolek
Gail Wolek 5.0

Needed to determine source and remedy for odd smell coming from AC vents in the home. I called a 7:30 a.m. and tech (Roger) was on-site at 8:30 a.m. Problem was diagnosed, solutions were implemented and explained to avoid future issues, and technician's ...knowledge and experience were invaluable to getting to the source of a multi-faceted problem with an efficient and thorough process from start to finish. Every interaction I have with this company has been extraordinary. From the folks who answer the phones to the technicians who perform the repairs and maintenance work, everyone without exception is professional, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and helpful. And, most importantly, everyone I've ever spoken with at Heritage Plumbing and Heating speaks very highly of their colleagues and managers, happy to tell me they plan to retire from this company because they so enjoy the work and support of the team. You might spend a bit less elsewhere, but I can say unequivocally that I am a Heritage customer for life. Reliability and responsiveness are far more important to me than a few pennies I might have saved to have the peace of mind that all is well in my home because of folks like Roger who are clearly well-suited to their work. When I asked where he was off to next as he was heading out, his response was (to paraphrase) "I don't know yet. I'll call dispatch to find out. The company policy is the customer where you are now is the most important customer of the day." It doesn't get any better than that.Read More...

George Bryant
George Bryant 5.0

This is a fantastic company. The cre W that worked on our house were polite and answered our questions efficiently.

Amy 5.0

Deb Kreutzer
Deb Kreutzer 5.0

Bruce Manning
Bruce Manning 4.0

Tareq Alwrekat
Tareq Alwrekat 5.0

Ginnie 5.0

Erin Foley
Erin Foley 5.0

Alex Vorfeld
Alex Vorfeld 5.0

Larry MacLeod
Larry MacLeod 5.0

We were very happy with the service and wouldn't hesitate to use them again or recommend them to others

William Powell
William Powell 5.0

Linda Scrivano
Linda Scrivano 5.0

Frederick McOsker
Frederick McOsker 5.0

MaryLiz Geffert
MaryLiz Geffert 5.0

Deborah Roper
Deborah Roper 5.0

Our Technician (Sam) was unbelievably knowledgeable and thorough! We will certainly use Heritage again in the future. We are new to NH and well systems. When your water stops mid shower - its frustrating and scary! Needless to say, we have water ...again and peace of mind!Read More...

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