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HVAC apprenticeships are a bit different than Plumbing and Electrical. This type of apprenticeship still involves obtaining a state apprenticeship card, but the necessary certifications can be obtained through a one year process. You can receive your Gas License, Oil Certification, and become AC and EPA Certified. In the HVAC field, you have the decision of whether you want to be an Installer, or Service Technician. Below are a few things to consider that may help as you determine if you would like to pursue the installation or service side of HVAC:

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As a Service Apprentice and Technician you will be working directly with customers to help determine their needs for their heating and cooling systems. If you are someone who greatly enjoys customer interaction, problem solving, working independently and wants the freedom to work at your own pace and move between multiple jobs in a single day, does not mind being on-call, and enjoys the idea of each work day being different and consisting of multiple different types of jobs- then service may the right career path for you!


As an Install Apprentice and Technician you will be working closely with other Installers and our Sales Team to help install pre-sold HVAC systems into customers’ homes. If you are someone who prefers completing more straightforward projects that you can see from start to finish, wants to be fairly certain of the kind of work you will be doing everyday, has great attention to detail, wants to work on projects for a longer period of time and more in-depth, and would rather complete projects alongside other members of your team- then install may be the right career path for you!

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