With our new duct cleaning service offering for New Hampshire homeowners, you may have wondered what the importance of duct cleaning actually is, whether it’s worth it, and common issues to lookout for.  To help explain, we’ve put together our Duct Cleaning 101 article just for you.

Importance of Ductwork in Your Home

If your home has any type of forced air system, you have ductwork.  Not sure?  Check if your heat or cooling comes through vents in the wall or ceiling.  If so, this means you have a forced air system.  NOTE: mini-split air conditioning systems (also called “ductless” systems) do not have ductwork since they cycle and blow air directly from the indoor unit.

Well-designed and unobstructed ductwork is crucial to the longevity of your HVAC systems and your comfort indoors.  When an issue with your ductwork occurs, many other issues can arise such as feeling too hot or cold, strange smells entering your home, and even the appearance of mold growth inside your ductwork or around air registers.

What’s Included in a “Duct Cleaning”?

Duct cleaning refers to cleaning the various components found in forced air systems (both heating and cooling). This includes the supply and return air ducts, registers, grilles and diffusers.  Additionally, some services can be added on such as:

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Ductwork Sanitization
  • Blower Wheel Cleaning
  • Indoor Air Quality System Installation

Our licensed technicians use specialized cleaning equipment designed for effectively cleaning all types of ductwork whether they are concealed or exposed, and most importantly, our process cleans ALL the ductwork in your home, not just the sections we can easily access.  You can expect the average service for a single-system home to take 2-4 hours.

Duct Cleaning – Is It Actually Worth It?

Over long periods of time, dust and other fine particles can accumulate in your ductwork, even with routine filter changes.  If your system is severely impacted, it can even inhibit proper airflow, making your system work harder and in turn adding more wear and tear to your systems than they should have.  Beyond this, we commonly find issues with:

  • Dust being released into the air when the system is running.
  • Rodent and insect infestations in ductwork.
  • Mold and mildew growth.

The answer to whether or not duct cleaning is worth it comes down to each individual home’s unique conditions.  We find that homeowners who have existing dust issues or pets (cats or dogs especially) are commonly in need of cleaning more often than others, typically every 2-3 years.  Additionally, your dirty ducts could be the sign of an underlying issue that should be addressed by a licensed technician, such as excessive moisture build-up or lack of proper air filtration.

In general, if you’re experiencing one of the issues we’ve mentioned, or your ductwork is 10 years or older, you could likely benefit from a professional duct cleaning.  All of Heritage’s duct cleaning services begin with an initial inspection followed by recommended options based on the technician’s findings.

Avoid Duct Cleaning “Overpromising” – The Truth About Scams

Duct cleaning services offered by a professional and licensed provider can address some of these issues, but is only one step in the right direction of better indoor air quality and comfortWhile it’s true it can resolve an immediate problem, especially one that has taken years to develop, it should always be followed up by a professional who can suggest ways to avoid the same problem from occurring again in the future.  Unfortunately, scams do exist and often these companies overpromise what duct cleaning can actually provide to a homeowner, or misrepresent how often a duct cleaning should be performed.

Avoid companies who promise or recommend the following:

  • Instant Health Benefits – False.  A healthier home starts with clean ducts, but is only one part of a larger issue.
  • Quick and Cheap Service – False.  A true cleaning takes time and expertise. This means they are likely cutting corners somewhere.
  • Cleaning Ductwork Every Year – False.  We recommend cleanings every 2-3 years for the most highly impacted homes.

A reputable company will have plenty of reviews, advertise under an established brand, and will help you design a solution to avoid future problems rather than simply treating the symptom of dirty ducts.

Trust the Duct Cleaning Experts at Heritage

Over the years, we’ve established a team dedicated to improving indoor air quality of the homes within our community.  As we mentioned earlier, duct cleaning is just one step in the process of addressing a larger issue.  If you’re ready to start taking control of your home’s IAQ or are experiencing issues with your duct work, get all the information and options you need from New Hampshire’s trusted pro.  Just Call Heritage today!