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Spring is in the air, and it’s the perfect time to give your home a fresh start. As the weather gets warmer and nature comes back to life, it’s essential to ensure that your home is in top shape, both inside and out. By taking care of essential maintenance tasks and giving your home a thorough spring cleaning, you can create a comfortable, organized, and inviting space that’s ready for the months ahead.

To help you with your spring home maintenance, we’ve compiled a whole-home checklist of tasks to keep your home in good condition:

  • Replace air filters: Begin by replacing the air filters in your HVAC system. Clean air filters improve your home’s air quality and help your heating and cooling system run efficiently no matter the time of year.
  • Schedule an AC tune-up with your HVAC company: Like any other appliance, your air conditioner should be inspected and serviced annually. Staying on top of AC maintenance every spring will prolong the life of your system, prevent sudden breakdowns, and keep your monthly energy bills down.
  • Clean those nooks and crannies: Take the time to clean hard-to-reach areas and clear out any dirt and debris that may have accumulated. Dust and vacuum areas include baseboards, under furniture, light bulbs, chandeliers, and mantels.
  • Clear out clothes dryer vent: Removing lint from your dryer vent is satisfying and crucial for fire safety. Built-up lint can pose a fire hazard, so ensure you clean out the vent thoroughly.
  • Inspect your roof: If you’re comfortable and confident climbing onto your roof, perform a visual inspection to check for any possible damage. However, if you need more clarification or are uncomfortable with climbing onto the roof, it’s best to contact a professional for assistance.
  • Clear out gutters and downspouts: Working from the top to the bottom of your house, clear out gutters and downspouts to prevent moisture build-up and leakage. This will make your home look more appealing and help avoid potential water damage.
  • Declutter and organize storage areas: Seize this opportunity to declutter and organize your storage areas. Consider donating or discarding items that have yet to be used, creating a more organized and clutter-free living space.

Why Routine Maintenance is Important for Your Home

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Regular home maintenance is vital for several reasons. It helps identify and address small issues before they become significant problems, saving you time and money in the long run. Routine maintenance also prolongs the lifespan of your home’s systems and appliances, reducing the need for premature replacements and sudden costly repairs. Keeping up with maintenance tasks ensures that your home remains safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient year after year.

Your Spring Cleaning & Home Maintenance Checklist

In addition to the essential home maintenance tasks mentioned above, a thorough spring cleaning will refresh your home and make it shine. Let’s break it down by room:

Whole House

  • Thoroughly dust and vacuum all surfaces, including baseboards, furniture, light bulbs, chandeliers, and mantels.
  • Remove and wash curtains.
  • Clean interior windows and windowsills.
  • Clean walls using a diluted all-purpose cleaning solution and a large rag. Use a sponge mop for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Dust and reorganize shelves by removing books and other items.
  • Revitalize area rugs by hanging them outside and beating them with a broom or rug beater.


  • Remove expired items from the fridge and clean the interior with baking soda and water or an all-purpose spray cleaner.
  • Clean and organize cupboards and cabinets. Discard old or unused items and wash both the inside and outside.
  • Wash the tops and bottoms of cupboards and cabinets to remove grease and grime.
  • Move appliances to clean or vacuum underneath and behind them.
  • Wash the floor, paying attention to corners and crevices. Use a scrub brush to clean grout if you have tiled floors.
  • Consider a spring makeover for your kitchen. Now is a great time to replace faucets, maybe update an appliance or two, update cabinetry, you get the idea.
  • Call Heritage to schedule annual drain cleaning. You never know what’s lurking in your kitchen pipes from the last year.


  • Replace worn-out bath mats and towels.
  • Remove and wash the shower curtain and liner.
  • Scrub the bathtub, paying special attention to built-up soap scum around faucets. Use a scrub brush or old toothbrush to remove mildew from tiles.
  • Empty and clean the medicine cabinet, disposing of expired medications and unused cosmetics.


  • Wash duvet covers, comforters, and other items not regularly washed.
  • Declutter closets and dresser drawers, donating or giving away items you no longer wear or use.
  • Empty and organize your nightstand.
  • Sweep and mop the floor or vacuum if you have carpeting.
  • Flip and rotate your mattress and lightly spray it with a fabric refresher.

Living Room

  • Dust and vacuum all surfaces, including furniture, shelves, and electronics.
  • Clean windows and window treatments.
  • Deep clean carpets or rugs.
  • Declutter and organize items such as books, magazines, and remote controls.
  • Test and replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Inspect and clean ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Check and dust electronics, including TVs and stereo systems.
  • Wipe down and polish furniture and surfaces.


  • Remove any unnecessary items and clutter from the garage.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floors to remove dirt and debris.
  • Test the functionality of the garage door opener, including the safety features and remote controls. Replace batteries if necessary.
  • Check the weather stripping around the garage door for any gaps or damage. Replace if needed to maintain a proper seal.
  • Ensure that the garage has adequate lighting. Replace any burnt-out bulbs to maintain visibility and safety.
  • Check for signs of pests and take necessary measures to prevent infestations. Seal any openings or cracks to keep pests out.

Mastering the Art of Spring Cleaning: Tips for a Smooth Experience

Spring cleaning can be daunting, but it can be an efficient and rewarding experience with a plan and the right approach. Here are some tips for a smooth spring cleaning process:

  • Have a plan: Use a spring cleaning checklist to stay organized and ensure you get everything.
  • Set the scene: Play energizing music that keeps you motivated throughout the cleaning process.
  • Stock up: Gather all your cleaning supplies in a bucket or caddy to have them readily available as you move from room to room.
  • Break it up: Instead of trying to do everything in one go, spread out the tasks over a few days or dedicate an hour each day to cleaning.
  • Stay on track: Focus on one room at a time to maintain your momentum and sense of accomplishment.

Remember, spring cleaning is not just about tidying up your home – it’s about welcoming a new season and creating a fresh and rejuvenating living space. Following a checklist and taking the time to deep clean will ensure your home is clean, organized, and ready for the months ahead.

Spring Home Maintenance Starts Here with Heritage Home Service

We’re excited to share that Heritage Home Service is developing a comprehensive program to assist homeowners in managing their HVAC, plumbing, and electrical maintenance. This program will help homeowners keep track of their essential maintenance tasks, ensuring that their homes remain in optimal shape. Stay tuned for more updates on this program coming soon.

Don’t wait any longer! Roll up your sleeves and get started on your spring home maintenance. If you need professional assistance or have major home repair needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to help you keep your home in its best possible condition, from heating to cooling to plumbing and electrical – just call Heritage.