leaking water heater with tools nearby on the ground

Heritage Home Services’ Guide to Keeping Your Home Cozy and Efficient

Springtime in New England, is a season of renewal and rejuvenation. As the snow melts away and daffodils begin to dot the landscape, it’s also the perfect time to rejuvenate your home’s systems, starting with one of the heroes of household comfort—your water heater. At Heritage Home Service, we understand your water heater’s pivotal role, especially during these transitional months. Let’s dive into the essential maintenance tasks performed by our expert team to ensure your water heater is in prime condition.

  • Comprehensive Inspection – The first step in Heritage Home Services’ water heater maintenance routine is a thorough inspection of the unit. Our seasoned technicians look for signs of wear, and corrosion on the tank and connections, and any potential issues with the valves or thermostats. Consider this the “Peace of Mind” guarantee in action—as a New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or Maine resident; you have the assurance that your water heater’s health is thoroughly assessed.
  • Sediment Flush – Over time, sediment builds up at the bottom of your water heater tank, especially in areas with hard water. This doesn’t just impact your water heater’s efficiency; it can also shorten its lifespan. Our team performs a professional sediment flush, effectively removing these deposits, ensuring your system works more efficiently, and saving you the unwelcome surprise of early breakdowns. That’s our “No Surprises” guarantee in practice.
  • Temperature and Pressure Valve Check – Safety is paramount at Heritage Home Service. That’s why our water heater maintenance includes an in-depth check of the temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve. This crucial component prevents your water heater from operating at unsafe temperatures and pressures. Our technicians test the valve to ensure it’s operating correctly, upholding our commitment to your home’s safety and comfort.
  • Anode Rod Inspection – The anode rod in your water heater fights against corrosion, protecting the tank. However, it wears down over time and needs to be replaced periodically. Our experts inspect the anode rod, advising on its condition and replacing it if necessary, so your water heater doesn’t turn into a “lemon.” This is part of our “No Lemons” guarantee, helping extend the lifespan of your unit.
  • System Tune-Up – Finally, our technicians perform a system tune-up. This involves adjusting the system settings to Auburn’s specific spring climate needs. Our objective is not just to ensure your water heater operates efficiently but also to guarantee your complete comfort—the 100% Comfort guarantee.

Choosing Heritage Home Service means opting for experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. We’re more than service providers; we’re your neighbors committed to ensuring your home runs smoothly, so you can focus on enjoying the beautiful New England spring.

Remember, regular maintenance not only keeps your water heater running efficiently but also optimizes its lifespan, ensuring you can rely on that comforting hot shower on chilly spring mornings or after a long day’s work. So, as the season changes, “Just Call Heritage” and tick water heater maintenance off your spring-cleaning list. With our comprehensive water heater services, you’re investing in peace of mind, comfort, and the ongoing efficiency of your home.