Your home is your safe haven. When something goes wrong with the plumbing, heating, cooling, or electrical system, you need a trustworthy partner to take good care of you and your family.

For decades, Heritage Home Service has been dedicated to keeping Beverly residents comfortable and safe with our full range of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services. Heritage is your go-to solution for urgent repairs, routine maintenance, or system upgrades.

As fellow homeowners and active community memes, we understand the frustration of unexpected HVAC, plumbing, or electrical issues. At Heritage, we promise to deliver the level of service we would expect in our very own homes. 

Our commitment to Beverly includes:

  • Convenience: We’re available to assist you whenever you need us, with service hours extending until midnight every day of the year.
  • Cleanliness: We respect your home as our own and ensure that we leave your space clean and orderly after every visit.
  • Expertise: Our team of licensed HVAC technicians, electricians, and plumbers brings extensive knowledge and experience to each job, guaranteeing top-notch repair and installations for your home.

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Our Home Services in Beverly

Do you ever enjoy the coastal byways around Beverly? With the Danvers and Bass Rivers included, we have plenty of peaceful, relaxing waters for recreation. When working with Heritage, we want you to experience the same stress-free peace of mind. 


Beverly Cooling Services

Heritage is committed to keeping you cool during the summer months. For all your air conditioning needs, we’re here to ensure 

  • AC Repair — If your air conditioner can’t keep up with the summer heat, we can help. Our AC repair in Beverly will ensure your comfort when the thermometers are ready to explode.
  • AC Installation — Looking to upgrade to a clean, modern, energy-efficient AC system? We install central air, high-velocity, packaged, and mini-split systems.
  • AC  Maintenance — Prevent future issues with maintenance now. With Heritage, your Beverly home will stay comfortably cool all summer.

Beverly Heating Services

To stay warm during the chilly Massachusetts winter months, we offer expert heating services throughout Beverly.

  • Heating Repair — If your furnace is faltering or your boiler has seen better days, our experienced techs are ready to restore your heating system and keep you warm in the harsh winter.
  • Heating Installation — When repairs aren’t enough, we can install a new energy-efficient furnace or boiler to save you money and provide cleaner, more effective heating for your Beverly home.
  • Heating Maintenance — Routine check-ups can save you money and prevent inconvenient breakdowns. Our professional maintenance services ensure your heating system operates smoothly and efficiently all winter. 

Extreme heat is dangerous. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts recommends air conditioning to avoid heat-related illnesses and death during heat waves.

Beverly Plumbing Services

Is your plumbing giving you trouble? Heritage is here to help with a comprehensive range of services to keep your Beverly home’s plumbing systems in excellent shape.


  • Kitchen & Bathroom Toilets, showers, tubs, and sinks can be easy to overlook until there’s a problem. If your kitchen or bathroom plumbing has issues, Heritage can help you kiss those leaks and other troubles goodbye.
  • Pipe Repairs—Leaking or burst pipes are an urgent issue. We handle pipe repairs swiftly to minimize damage and downtime so you can return to normal life immediately.
  • Water Heaters — If your water heater struggles to keep up with your family’s demands, call us for water heater service. We install new hot water heaters, including tankless units for maximum efficiency and comfort.
  • Water Filtration — Keep your family’s water supply clean and safe with a whole-house filtration system. Let’s start with a water test to determine the best filtration fit for you.
  • Water Softeners — If you’re worried about hard water, we can assess the hardness and suggest a suitable softening system to keep your water clear and gentle.
  • Well Pumps — Does your home near Beverly rely on a well for water? We’ll ensure your pump runs smoothly so you’re never left high and dry without a water supply.
  • Sewer Line Repair & Replacement — A clogged or leaking sewer line can cause serious issues. Our sewer video inspection services can locate the problem, allowing for quick and effective repairs to restore your system.

Beverly Drain Cleaning

Dealing with a slow or blocked drain? Heritage provides professional drain and sewer cleaning services to remove clogs and buildup. Before you try harmful chemicals, just call Heritage! We’ll get your drains flowing as they should in no time. 


Beverly Electrical Services

Heritage is fully equipped to manage all your electrical needs throughout Beverly. Avoid the risks of DIY work and shoddy contractors when you trust our licensed electricians to handle your electrical projects. 

Our licensed electricians in Beverly are eager to treat your home like their own on your next electrical project.

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Complete Care by Heritage Home Service

Our Complete Care Plan is the perfect solution to all your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical woes. With Heritage, you can relax, knowing we’re here to support you whenever problems pop up. 

  • 5% OFF New System Installations
  • 10% OFF Repair Work
  • 25% OFF Emergency Hours Dispatch Fee
  • Friendly Reminders for Annual Maintenance
  • Access to Member-ONLY Promotional Offers
  • No Breakdown Guarantee
  • Access to Special Pricing for Pre-planned Preventative Services and Routine Maintenance
  • Full Inventory of Your Home’s Systems for Ease of Service
  • Complimentary Emergency Valve and System Labeling
  • Credits on Preventative Replacement of Your Home’s Equipment

Emergency Home Services in Beverly

HVAC, plumbing, and electrical emergencies never respect business hours. When problems strike after hours, Heritage is ready to help. We provide emergency heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing services until midnight every day of the year. Need help after midnight? You’ll be our first priority when our trucks hit the road in the morning

Emergencies don’t wait; neither should you. For emergency HVAC and plumbing services in Beverly, MA.

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Why Trust Heritage Home Service

Since 1986, families throughout the North Shore have turned to Heritage for all their home service needs. We’re glad to bring the advantages of a large, well-equipped team to Beverly while staying true to our family values and customer-focused service. 

We would love for you to see for yourself why the neighbors near Beverly tell us they “couldn’t ask for a better hands-on service” and that they “couldn’t be happier with Heritage and will be recommending [us] in the future.” We’re eager to deliver the top-quality home services you’ve come to expect for your home in Beverly.

Beverly’s Best for HVAC, Plumbing, & Electrical Services

When you hire a home services company, the last thing you want is someone who will cut corners for a quick buck. We’ve worked hard at Heritage to establish a reputation as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing specialists Beverly can trust. With us, you’ll always receive exceptional service and a focus on your specific needs. 

When you choose Heritage, you’re selecting a company that treats your home with care. We love serving our Beverly neighbors like family. With our focus on cleanliness, convenience, and expertise, Heritage is your dependable partner for all your home service needs every season. 

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