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Let’s face it: Massachusetts gets cold in the winter. To anyone who doesn’t live here, that’s often an understatement. It’s freezing here. We always want to make sure we’re warm and comfortable at home. If your furnace needs help doing its job, Heritage Home Service is here to make sure it’s working the way it should when you need it the most. Don’t let your family bundle up more than they have to; let Heritage make heating repairs before things get too cold to handle.

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Some Common Signs Your Home Needs Furnace Repair

Typically, when your furnace isn’t working right, it starts small. Maybe it’s not blowing as much as it used to. You might smell something is off. Often, these minor signs point to a bigger problem. If you don’t notice these issues creeping up, you may end up needing to replace your heating system before it’s necessary.

Don’t ignore heating issues, however small.

Furnace Repair Massachusetts | JustCallHeritage.com

Here are some common signs your furnace might need repair:

  • Not blowing heat or blowing at all
  • Furnace is blowing heat, but it’s not very hot air
  • Heating system cycles on and off constantly
  • Heating system doesn’t turn on at all
  • Strange noises coming from the unit when it runs
  • Odd smells in the air when blowing heat
  • Your pilot light is out if you have a gas furnace

If anything else is happening out of the norm with your furnace, that’s cause for alarm, too. You know your heating system better than anyone else.

Before you call us, we suggest checking the following: try changing your air filter and replacing the batteries in your thermostat. If these two things don’t fix the heating issues you’re facing, schedule a service call with us. Our experts will come to your home, investigate the problem, make the repairs needed with your approval, or recommend replacing the unit in its entirety.

Don’t Put Off Heating Repairs, Let Heritage Handle Them for You

For 35 years, Heritage has been Massachusetts’ go-to heating repair company. We pride ourselves in friendly, compassionate customer service and empowering our customers to learn more about maintaining their heating system. So contact us today to schedule service and tackle those repairs before it gets too cold to function.

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