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When your furnace is on the fritz, it seems like the end of the world, especially during our cold, freezing Massachusetts winters. Whether your furnace stopped working, is on its last leg, or something else is preventing it from making your home comfortable, Heritage Home Service is your partner in getting the heat flowing again.

Since 1986, our team has provided various heating services to the community, including maintenance, repair, and new installations. Chances are if your heating system is old, you’ll likely benefit from a new one. Heritage will provide you with all the options available for your home so you can make an informed decision on what’s right for you.

Heritage is Massachusetts Heating Service Partner

At Heritage, we understand that making a significant investment in your home’s heating future is nerve-wracking and often unexpected. We’ve been there. We’re here to help guide you through the process, provide transparent costs, as well as answer all your questions, so you feel comfortable with your new heating system. Call us today and let the Heritage team show you what customer service means to us.

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Broken Furnace? Contact Heritage Today!

When your furnace stops working, it can happen for a variety of reasons. Parts might be damaged, or the unit could be at the end of its life. Whatever the cause, you can count on Heritage’s skilled furnace installation technicians to assist you.

We’ll set up a service appointment, visit your home, and carefully diagnose the problem. After that, we’ll provide you with suggestions for the best furnace options available. Since every home is unique, our experts will ensure that the right furnace is installed quickly. We’ll present you with all the available heating system choices for your home, so you can confidently choose the one that suits your needs best.


Massachusetts Furnace Installation Services

A few benefits of installing a new furnace include: Reduced energy costs, Decreased energy usage, Improved reliability. We offer the following types of furnace installations for our customers:

Massachusetts Gas Furnace Installation
Gas furnaces are one option, often cheaper in energy costs compared to oil systems. These heater systems are considered the most efficient way to heat a home. Gas furnaces require annual maintenance like other furnaces, with particular attention paid to the gas ignition to ensure it’s not blocked or otherwise obstructed. This can lead to a safety hazard, the unit not lighting, or the pilot going out all together. With a gas furnace, you can experience incredible energy efficiency and increased peace of mind about avoiding a liquid leak or empty oil tank.

Massachusetts Oil Furnace Installation
Oil furnaces are very common in Massachusetts and the surrounding areas. They provide little risk of carbon monoxide poisoning but annual safety checks are important to ensure this. Fuel may not burn as efficiently with an oil furnace but they do provide more heating BTUs per gallon than other heating sources you could use in your home.

Warning Signs It’s Time to Plan for Furnace Replacement

  • Your furnace is more than 15 years old: The average typical furnace life expectancy is about 15 to 20 years, and that’s only true if the furnace has been maintained regularly. If your furnace is approaching the end of its life, give Heritage a call.
  • Your energy bills and equipment repairs are steadily rising: Older units—when they’re not maintained—work harder to produce heat and circulate it through your home. If you’ve noticed more frequent repairs are needed, it may be time to look into installing a new furnace.
  • Rooms in your home are at different temperatures: Older furnaces struggle to distribute heat evenly throughout your home. If one room is colder than another, it’s time for a furnace replacement.
  • Soot or rust is building up near the furnace register: If soot or rust is building up on your furnace register, your furnace is no longer functioning correctly. This buildup can lead directly to dangerous conditions in your home. If you notice soot or rust, look into replacing your furnace immediately.
  • Your furnace is extra noisy: Your furnace should be seen and rarely heard. When the clanging and banging become unbearable, it’s furnace replacement time.

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