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We have a lot of electrical needs in today’s modern world. From household appliances to entertainment systems, computers, and more, we have a lot tied into our home’s electricity. However, without the proper level of surge protection, you could be risking all these things to severe damage or needing to replace them much sooner than you should.

Even if you’ve never experienced a surge coming into your home before, over 80% of residential voltage surges are generated within your own home and they happen more often than you’d think. This is why Heritage Home Service urges all of our Massachusetts customers to protect their homes through the use of a whole-home surge protection device or SPD for short.

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Massachusetts Whole Home Surge Protection Services

Our dedicated electrical team at Heritage are surge protection experts. Our team will arrive at your door and help you design a surge protection system that’s right for your home and needs.

How Does Whole Home Surge Protection Work?

Not to be confused with lightning or current protection systems, a whole-home surge protector attaches to your electric panel, managing the voltage in your home’s electrical system by safely dispersing excess voltage away from your home if it detects voltage above a certain threshold. In practice, this means that every piece of equipment, device, and electrical fixture are protected from external and internal surges without the need for point-of-use surge protection.

What are the Benefits of Whole Home Surge Protection?

A whole-home surge protectoat Are the hr is just that. It protects anything plugged into your home’s electrical system natively, without the need for point-of-use protectors (commonly seen as surge protection strips or outlets). As a primary line of defense, this is the basic level of protection all homes should have and is now required by code in all new construction. When used in combination with point-of-use surge protection, SPDs can eliminate the threat of voltage surges to your expensive devices and equipment.

Do You Have to Update Whole Home Surge Protection?

Wear and tear will occur on any surge protector through use. This means that over time it will lose its effectiveness to protect your home. The lifespan of whole-home SPDs is typically three to five years depending on how often your home experiences surges. Regardless, we always recommend you check your surge protector for proper operation at least once a year.

Ask The Experts at Heritage How to Protect Your Home Against Surges

Our experienced team of electricians can answer any questions you have about whole-home surge protection and what the best practices are when it comes to choosing and installing a protection system that works for your home. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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