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From smartphones to smart homes, everything in our world is getting smarter. Yet, the devices that control our comfort systems seem to be stuck in the past. If you think it’s time for an upgrade, the dedicated team of HVAC professionals at Heritage are here to help suggest and install a smart thermostat option that’s right for you.

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Technology changes quickly, and it can be hard to know what products are available to you and your home. Our mission at Heritage is to help give you the tools and knowledge to make smart decisions and have control over the comfort systems in your home. A smart thermostat can do just that. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment to get started.

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Thermostat Repair

If your thermostat doesn’t seem to be communicating well with your heating or cooling systems, call us. Symptoms of thermostat problems include:

  • Your heating or cooling won’t turn on.
  • Your heating or cooling won’t turn off.
  • Your heating or cooling turn off and on rapidly but don’t seem to achieve much.
  • You keep changing the temperature on the thermostat but it doesn’t seem to be changing the temperature in your house.

Call us for thermostat repair and we’ll send someone out to you soon. Your technician will talk to you about what you’ve been experiencing with your thermostat, examine the thermostat itself, and determine where the problem lies. Once we have that information, we’ll get your thermostat repair started right away. Before long, you’ll have a functioning thermostat once again.

Thermostat Replacement

Since new thermostats are relatively inexpensive, it can be a better choice to replace your thermostat rather than to buy a new one. If we think that it will cost more to do a thermostat repair than to replace yours, we’ll let you know. Then we’ll help you buy the perfect new thermostat for your home and your family.

We can install regular thermostats, programmable thermostats, and even smart thermostats that you can control with your mobile phone. We’ll talk you through the pros and cons of each one, then let you decide what you want to have in your home. Choose your new thermostat and we’ll get it installed ASAP so you’ll have full control over your heating and cooling systems once again.

Smart Thermostats Services in Massachusetts

How Smart Thermostats Work

Like a programmable thermostat, smart thermostats can be scheduled to adjust your thermostat at certain times throughout the day. Unlike programmable, however, most smart thermostats have the advantage that they can be controlled remotely from virtually any location via your smartphone or tablet.

This means that you can monitor and set your thermostat even when you’re away from home. They’ll also alert you when your home’s temperature reaches a critical level, which can be a lifesaver in avoiding frozen pipes, or dangerously high temperatures while a pet or vulnerable family member is home.

Other features include geofencing technology which can sense when you’re away from home, adjusting your thermostat automatically to a lower temperature of your choice until you return. Simply put, they offer much greater flexibility and control over how you manage your comfort systems.

Do Smart Thermostats Work in Every Home?

Absolutely. With the proper control wiring, a smart thermostat can easily replace an existing thermostat or be wired to be installed in a new location. However, older homes and systems will likely need some modification to the existing wiring in order to gain the full functionality of your new thermostat.

Smart Thermostat Types

Our preferred brands of choice are Honeywell and Nest by Google. While we can install practically any owner-supplied thermostat, such as the popular Ecobee, we have found these brands to be of exceptional quality and performance over others. Your selection can range from a basic smart thermostat that offers standard features like geofencing and app control, to learning thermostats that design a custom schedule around your specific usage needs.

Massachusetts Smart Thermostat Services

In many cases, smart thermostats can be installed by the homeowner by simply replacing an existing thermostat with the new one. However, many homes in Massachusetts do not have the required control wiring to properly run newer styles, and you’ll likely need a licensed HVAC technician to complete installation. Our team of dedicated HVAC technicians are here to assist you with all of your smart thermostat needs, no matter what issues you come across.

How Heritage Stays On Top of Smart Thermostat Trends

Our team spends a lot of time on product research and testing to ensure we provide top-tier equipment and solutions to our customers. Through testing and on-site training, our technicians are able to gain exposure to new items on the market and hone their skills. If you need support for your smart thermostat installation, trust the experts at Heritage.

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