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Humidity plays an important role in your overall comfort indoors. Excessively dry air can’t retain heat as well as humid air, which leaves us needing to crank up the heat during winter to feel comfortable and leading to expensive heating bills. It can also increase the transmission of illnesses such as seasonal colds and flu when our natural defenses are weakened by dry air.

Too much humidity and you’re left feeling muggy and uncomfortable no matter the season and is a breeding ground for mold. While many homeowners turn to portable solutions when trying to manage the comfort of a single room, over time they can become costly and expensive to run when trying to manage the humidity of your entire home.

If you’re thinking about installing a whole home solution, the fully licensed HVAC technicians at Heritage are humidity control experts and can help design a system that meets your needs.

Not Too Humid, Not Too Dry; But Just Right with Heritage

Too much or too little humidity can ruin your comfort indoors. The good news is with a whole home dehumidifier or humidifier system, you can ensure your family’s comfort all year round. Contact Heritage today and schedule an appointment to see why we’ve been the Northeast’s HVAC provider of choice for over 35 years.

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Humidifiers and Dehumidifier Services in Massachusetts

How Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers Work

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers are exact opposites of each other when it comes to their functionality but have the same goal in mind; control your home’s indoor humidity (moisture) levels. While a humidifier adds humidity to your home’s air using either your existing ductwork or a ductless steam system, a dehumidifier removes humidity like an air conditioner, but without its cooling function, and at much greater volumes.

When you have a whole home humidity control system installed, the costs may be higher initially upfront, but the efficiency and controllability far outweigh the use of portable units. Whole home systems can be easily controlled via a humidistat, which accurately displays your home’s indoor humidity levels and can be set to automatically maintain the level you set it to. The actual equipment is usually out of sight as well, being stored in the same place as most other comfort systems in your home.

Why Do Massachusetts Homes Need Dehumidifiers or Humidifiers?

The simple answer is comfort. We have a lot of older homes in Massachusetts, and that means insulation and construction tolerances often aren’t as tight as homes built today. We are also surrounded by lots of sources of water such as natural springs, rivers, and lakes. This means we tend to have very humid summers and dry winters since colder air can’t carry as much moisture.

However, it’s possible to experience high humidity even during winter when we have our heat running. Things like showers, dryers, and dishwashers can add humidity to the warm indoor air. This can form as condensate on cold surfaces such as windows, and lead to things like mold build-up and a general feeling of mugginess inside. With a whole home humidifier or dehumidifier, you can virtually eliminate any of the above issues and keep you and your family feeling comfortable all year long.

Massachusetts Dehumidifier Services

Excess humidity can cause wood to swell leading to damaged furniture and instruments, as well as fostering the perfect conditions for mold growth. It can also make you feel clammy and muggy indoors, regardless of the temperature inside. This is why Heritage offers solutions to our Massachusetts customers to keep their indoor humidity in check. We can also provide routine maintenance or repair for most residential makes and models.

Massachusetts Humidifier Services

Cracked dry skin and staticky hair are a thing of the past with a whole home humidifier. Lack of humidity can also make you feel cooler on your skin, which can lead to a higher heating bill each winter to keep warm. To help remedy these problems, our team of experts can install any of the following humidifier systems:

  • Fan-powered humidifiers
  • Bypass humidifiers
  • Steam humidifiers

Humidifiers Help You Breathe Easier

Unfortunately, store-bought humidifiers are typically too small to do much good for an entire house. Our heating and air conditioning experts can help you select and install a high-quality humidification system that can treat your entire home. If your existing system has stopped working properly, we can get to the bottom of the issue and resolve it quickly.

The benefits of a humidifier include:

  • Decreasing asthmatic symptoms, such as difficulty breathing
  • Decreasing dryness, such as in the skin and throat
  • Decreasing damage to your wood furniture and floors

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