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In Massachusetts, where nature’s beauty is matched only by the unpredictability of its weather, Heritage Home Service emerges as the company to trust for those needing whole-home generator solutions. Leveraging over three decades of electrical service experience and a strong partnership with Generac, we ensure our community receives premier products and comprehensive services, from generator installation to routine maintenance and repairs.

Heritage Home Service’s commitment extends beyond just providing a power source; it’s about ensuring Massachusetts homes remain safe, comfortable, and operational through every season. Our team of seasoned and licensed electricians is dedicated to equipping Massachusetts households with reliable generator systems, reflecting an understanding of these systems’ essential role in facing the state’s climate challenges year-round.

Our Whole-Home Generator Services in Massachusetts

At Heritage Home Service, we’re energized to bring Massachusetts the best in whole-home generator services powered by our expert technicians. With Generac, the gold standard in generator performance and quality, leading our lineup, we’re equipped to install the pinnacle of power assurance.

Our expertise doesn’t stop there; we’re also skilled in servicing various residential generators, from Kohler to Briggs and Stratton. Whether your generator needs a new lease on life, routine upkeep, or an emergency fix, we’ve covered all your generator needs, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

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Generac whole home generator installed outside home in Massachusetts

Heritage is Your Official Generac Dealer in Massachusetts

Even on a stable power grid, you should plan for power outages when living in the Northeast. Our unpredictable weather means outages are common and can last a few hours to days.

Standby generators engage when an outage occurs and automatically shut off when power is restored. Many families are turning to whole-home standby generators as an alternative to small battery backups and portable solutions.

Whether researching your options or looking for service on an existing generator, Heritage Home Service’s Generac generator experts are here to help.

In addition to standby generators, Heritage offers a variety of Generac services including portable generators, water pumps, and more!

Learn About Home Generators from the Experts at Heritage

Do You Need a Whole Home Generator?

For homes in isolated areas or where lengthy power outages are common, portable generators and battery backups may fall short, particularly for homes with essential medical equipment or where continuous electricity is vital for your well-being. A whole-home standby generator is essential in these scenarios, providing uninterrupted power.

One significant advantage of these generators is their ability to integrate with your home’s existing natural gas supply or use underground propane tanks. This eliminates the need to manually refuel or manage bulky equipment during adverse weather conditions. This setup ensures your entire home remains powered, offering convenience and peace of mind without any physical effort.

What Fuels Can Generators Use?

Generac installations typically support two primary fuel options: natural gas and liquid propane, offering users the choice based on their specific needs and fuel availability. This flexibility in fuel sources is crucial for ensuring continuous power supply, especially in areas prone to extended power outages. These two fuels are part of the broader spectrum of generator fuels, including gasoline and diesel, each influencing the generator’s runtime and performance.

How Often Does a Whole Home Generator Need Maintenance?

Don’t let its downtime fool you – your generator is like a silent guardian, quietly prepping through test cycles all year for its moment to shine during outages. It’s a common myth that infrequent use means infrequent care. It’s crucial to catch wear and tear early, swap out parts on the brink of a breakdown, and keep your generator in top-notch condition. Think of annual routine maintenance as the secret to its longevity and your golden ticket to preserving that all-important manufacturer’s warranty.

Schedule Whole-Home Generator Installation Today for Peace of Mind

Whole home generators do more than keep the lights on. They give you and your family the peace of mind that no matter what Mother Nature throws your way, you’ll be safe and comfortable with on-demand electricity when needed most. Contact Heritage Home Service today for your free consultation or to schedule an appointment for service.

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Introducing the FLEET Membership

As part of doing all we can to extend your peace of mind, we’d like to introduce FLEET.

With FLEET, Hertitage can monitor your generator and its status FOR YOU. If an issue arises, Heritage will be notified – allowing us to contact you immediately and ensure your generator is serviced promptly.

Peace of mind…all without you having to lift a finger.

The FLEET subscription is $50 per year.


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