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As Massachusetts homeowners, dealing with hard water is often a fact of life. With an average hardness of 62 PPM (parts per million), our water is considered relatively hard compared to other areas in the Northeast. While this can vary dramatically depending on which town or city you live in, you may have experienced a few of the following issues:

  • Dry/dull hair and skin after showering
  • Soap not lathering properly
  • Staining or discoloration (especially in sinks or toilet bowls)
  • Scaling in showers and on other plumbing fixtures

Water softener systems help combat the negative effects of hard water, and we also install whole home water filtration systems to improve the quality of your water further.

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Massachusetts’ Water Softener Services

Does this sound familiar? If so, you likely have hard water. Thankfully, a water softener system can help fix the above problems, and with our dedicated well and water quality team at Heritage Home Service, we make it easy to choose the correct softener for your needs.

When a Home Needs a Water Softener System

While the average water hardness found in most areas is unlikely to be detrimental to your health, even at moderate levels it can be a nuisance to daily life as well as a serious problem to your home’s appliances and plumbing systems. If left untreated, hard water can cause scaling and damage to your water pipes, as well as decrease the efficiency and lifespan of appliances such as your washing machine.

If you suspect you have hard water, the best thing to do is have a professional come out to perform a water quality test. If you choose Heritage, our dedicated well and water quality team will collect a sample, provide a comprehensive report on your water’s quality, and present a customized solution that works for your home’s water needs.

Water Softener System Benefits

Water softener and conditioning systems provide a multitude of benefits. Not only will they completely resolve any of the issues listed above, but they can also remove trace metals such as lead, iron, and copper. Softening your water also has the added benefit of extending the lifespan of your appliances and decreasing wear and tear on your plumbing fixtures.

Water Softener System Types

Deciding on the right system for your home’s needs begins with a water quality test. After we determine the exact hardness and mineral content of your water, we’ll suggest one of the following softener systems:

  • Ion-Exchange Water Softeners
  • Salt-Free Water Softeners
  • Dual-Tank Water Softeners
  • Magnetic Water Softeners

Water Softener System Maintenance

Common tasks such as checking salt levels or cleaning your brine tank can usually be done by the homeowner. However, just like all mechanical equipment, your system will experience wear and tear throughout the day and should be maintained by a professional at least once a year. Professional maintenance will catch potentially larger problems before they become serious such as iron fouling.

You Can Trust in Heritage for Your Water Softener Needs

Families across Massachusetts have trusted Heritage for years when it comes to their water softener needs. Contact us today and have peace of mind knowing we’re on the way.

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