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Many homes in Massachusetts were not designed to meet today’s modern electrical needs. There’s a good chance that if you plan to renovate an older home, the circuit breaker box will be a sticking point for adding things like new appliances, air conditioning systems, and more.

That’s why Heritage Home Service created a dedicated electrical department to handle these types of tasks. If you’re facing issues with your breaker box, our fully licensed electricians can help.

Circuit Breakers & Rewiring Services in Massachusetts

Our electrical team is trained and certified in virtually all residential makes and models of circuit breaker boxes, and we can provide our Massachusetts customers with both repair and replacement options. We’ll arrive at your home, provide you with a customized solution for your home, and let you decide how you want to proceed.

Types of Circuit Breaker Boxes

Heritage only installs top-quality and industry-proven circuit breaker boxes to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Whether you need to replace your home’s electric panel, upgrade your service coming into the home, or install a subpanel to a garage or guest house, we’ve got you covered.


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Do Circuit Breaker Boxes Last Forever?

Circuit breaker boxes, also commonly referred to as electric panels, hardly need any maintenance to function properly. That doesn’t mean they’ll last forever, though. Materials degrade over time and depending on when your breaker box was installed, you could have components that were made with inferior materials compared to today’s standards. As a general rule, breaker boxes over 25 years old should be checked for safe operation, with the typical maximum lifespan of 30 to 40 years.

When Is It Time to Replace a Circuit Breaker Box?

Usually, when you have problems with your circuit breaker box, you’ll start to notice right away. Dimming lights when appliances are being used, arcing from outlets, noticeable rust on your panel, and strange smells or sounds are all common indicators that your breaker box is on its last leg. If you’re experiencing any or all these issues, your current box could become a real safety hazard and is best dealt with by an entire replacement.

From our experience, we typically recommend our customers replace their old breaker boxes when they are looking to renovate their home with new appliances, add an addition, or when you simply run out of room on their current panel. If you haven’t upgraded your service to 200-amp, you’ll likely run into issues with larger projects like tying in a new cooling system.

Give Your Home The Power Upgrade It Deserves

Old breaker boxes can be dangerous and cause unnecessary hassle in your daily life. With how demanding our homes can be with today’s electricity needs, having a reliable and safe circuit breaker box is a foundation to all of your home’s other renovation projects. If you have concerns about your electrical circuit breaker box, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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