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Like all mechanical equipment, air conditioning systems won’t last forever. Even with routine maintenance, the time eventually comes when you must replace your air conditioner. Figuring out what options are available to you can be frustrating, especially when you’re stuck in the sweltering heat. Or maybe you’re looking to install a new system and aren’t sure where to begin.

At Heritage Home Service, we make the process of getting your home cool a breeze, with our dedicated air conditioning install team.

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It depends, but the simple answer is that it doesn’t keep you comfortable anymore. As air conditioning systems age, they can become less effective in keeping you cool, even with proper AC maintenance. Leaks can occur and components wear out leading to repairs that make replacement more economical in the long run. Typically, you can expect a newer style air conditioner to last 15 to 20 years.

Typically, worn-out parts like your capacitor and fan motor can be replaced, and small leaks can be fixed. However, as your system ages, more and more issues will eventually compromise the integrity of your system and repair becomes too costly to keep up with.

In this situation, we’ll likely recommend a full replacement. Regardless of what condition your AC is in, our technicians always provide you with all the recommended options during each service visit. Here are a few common issues that indicate you may need to replace your system:

  • Air conditioning not keeping up with demand or just blowing warm air
  • Strange noises from the outdoor unit when operating
  • Very little or no refrigerant in your ac lines

We understand that the decision to replace an air conditioning system can be costly and unexpected, so we want you to have the tools to make a smart investment for you and your family.

The first step to installing a new system is to have one of our team project managers provide you with a free consultation. We’ll go over all the options available to you, take measurements to ensure we install the properly sized equipment for your needs, and let you decide how to move forward. Here are just a few of the types of systems we can install:

  • Central air conditioning
  • High-velocity air conditioning
  • Packaged air conditioning
  • Ductless air conditioning

If you’re one of the many Massachusetts homeowners without existing ductwork, you may have thought you could never have efficient whole home air conditioning. Not true! A mini-split air conditioning system doesn’t require any ductwork and can give you the same control and functionality as a central ac system. This means they can be installed almost anywhere and are great for detached structures and new additions.

Our ductless AC brand of choice is Mitsubishi. As a Diamond Dealer, we are a certified installer of all Mitsubishi ductless and heat pump products and stand by their products as the industry standard in quality and functionality.

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We know you don’t have time to waste when it comes to getting back to being comfortable indoors. Let Heritage handle the hassle of designing a system that is perfect for you, and trust in us to get your cooling back in as little time as possible, so you can focus on what matters most. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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