Many homes across Massachusetts were built before the turn of the century. While many of us have made do without modern conveniences like whole home surge protection or a plethora of outlets, having a jumbled mess of extension cords behind the furniture is just the start of our problems. Breakers that keep tripping, arcing from outlets, and old knob and tube wiring are common problems when assessing the quality and safety of electrical systems in New England.

Our team of fully licensed electricians are here to help you with a whole-home electrical safety inspection, so you can have peace of mind knowing your electricity is providing you the maximum protection against things like electrical fires, damaged devices due to power surging, and more.

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What You Can Expect During a Home Safety Inspection

Many of our customers want to know exactly what is performed during an inspection. To help answer this, we’ve created the following video.

Home Safety Inspection Services in Massachusetts

Our dedicated team of electricians provide an electrical safety inspection for all our residential Massachusetts customers. We’ll come to your home and start from the outside, making our way inside from top to bottom, ensuring that every square inch of electrical components are tested and checked for safety. Our electricians will provide you with a comprehensive inspection report on their findings and make suggestions of repairs that may be needed in the future, so you can feel confident in making the decisions that are right for your home.


Do Home Electrical Safety Inspections Make a Difference?

Even if you had your home inspected during purchase, home inspectors only look for the basics as they have many other things to focus on when inspecting your home. A dedicated electrical safety inspection performed by a licensed electrician will help catch issues with your home’s electrical systems that may have been overlooked, such as hidden knob and tube wiring, improper bonding and grounding of water mains and gas lines, and issues that can lead to arc faults and short circuits.

Why You Might Need a Home Safety Inspection

While the best time to get a safety inspection is before you purchase a home, they can truly benefit anyone whose home was built before the year 2000. Even for electrical systems, wear and tear can occur, especially on outlets and frequently used light fixtures. Building codes and safety standards have also substantially changed in the last decade to reflect modern use requirements. If you’re concerned about your home’s electrical safety or simply want more information about your electrical system, a safety inspection with a licensed provider like Heritage Home Service is a good place to start.

Families Across Massachusetts Trust Their Electrical Safety to Heritage

With over 35 years of experience serving families across the northeast, Heritage is the electrical service provider you can trust to keep you and your family safe. If you’ve recently purchased a home, or are simply concerned about your electrical safety, give us a call, and ask to schedule your electrical inspection today.

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