Many people with two-story homes or large houses find that the temperature can vary from room to room. Whether the room is upstairs, has a west-facing window, has different insulation, or is a new addition, we understand how tricky it can be to keep your house at a consistent temperature.

You may also live with people who have very different temperature preferences. Your standard heating and cooling system only lets you set one temperature for the entire house, meaning that you’re forced to fight over the thermostat to stay comfortable.

With a Mitsubishi Electric zoned HVAC system from Heritage Home Service, you no longer have to deal with one room feeling like a freezer and the other an oven. HVAC zoning lets you set each room to whatever temperature you want. Like it a little cooler in that upstairs bedroom? You’ve got it. Want it a little warmer in the living room? Go for it. With a zoned HVAC system from Mitsubishi, everyone wins.

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How Do Zoned HVAC Systems Work?

Imagine your home is divided into different zones, like sections of a pizza. A zoned heating and cooling system lets you control the temperature in each of these zones separately. It does this using special doors that open and close and many thermostats.

A zoned heating and cooling system allows you to control the temperature in different sections of your home separately. With central AC and heating systems, this is done with a system of motorized dampers and multiple thermostats for each zone. If you use ductless mini split systems in your home, each unit controls its own zone. You can even turn off heating and cooling for individual zones, allowing you to save energy on spaces you don’t use regularly.

Benefits of a Zoned Heating & AC System

The main advantages of a zoned HVAC system include:

  • Increased temperature control throughout your home
  • Improved flexibility and environmental control
  • Lower heating and cooling bills over time

Achieve Perfect Comfort With HVAC Zoning

If you already have a zoned system installed in your home and need your equipment repaired, our technicians are happy to help. If you’re interested in a free estimate on zone control installation, contact us for an initial consultation! Our zoning capabilities work for both ducted and ducted heating and cooling systems.

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