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Drains and sewers have the important job of moving wastewater away from your home and to your municipal sewer line or septic system. Because these pipes carry so much waste, over time this material can build up and form a clog.

Small drain issues can sometimes be fixed on your own, but a professional plumber is the best option if you’re frequently having issues or backups in multiple parts of the home. That’s why Heritage Home Service is proud to offer video camera inspections, clog removal, and hydro jet cleaning to handle even the most stubborn clogs.

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About Our Drain and Sewer Cleaning Services in MA

Aside from removing clogs, professional drain cleaning services have multiple benefits that can’t be gained from a jug of chemical drain cleaner. In fact, frequent use of drain cleaners can do more harm than good.

When you call a plumber to clean out your drain or sewer, you can expect the following additional benefits:

  • Less chance your drain will clog again in the future
  • Fix sinks and showers that drain water slowly
  • Clean out nasty bacteria and mold that can grow in your pipes
  • Wash away chemical buildup that can corrode pipes and cause leaks
  • Homeowner peace of mind
  • Video Camera Inspections: Video camera inspections are exactly what they sound like – inserting a camera in your pipes in order to see the source of the clog in real time. This is an important part of the process because it’s the only way to know for certain what is causing the issue and how it should be solved. These inspections can also tell us whether there are bigger issues at hand which may require sewer pipe repairs or replacements.
  • Drain Snaking: Drain snakes (A.K.A. augers or plumber’s snakes) are a quick way to physically break up clogs and allow waste to move through your pipes again. We use motorized drain snakes that require professional training and are more effective than manual drain snakes you may find at your local hardware store.
  • Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning: When all else fails, hydro jetting gets the job done. Hydro jet drain cleaning uses high-pressure streams of water to clean out your drain or sewer, similar to a pressure washer. This method not only clears out clogs but completely washes away all dirt and debris, restoring your pipes to “like new” condition.

Call a Plumber if You Notice Signs of a Sewer Clog

Clogs are commonly caused by a gradual buildup of hair, dirt, grease, food, soap, sediment, or other foreign objects. Tree roots can also sneak through cracks in your pipes and cause obstructions.

Because there are so many reasons why drains and sewers can clog up, it is often impossible to know the cause of the issue without an inspection. However, knowing these common symptoms can help you know when to call a plumber and avoid bigger problems in the future:

  • Your drain or toilet is making gurgling noises or burping sounds
  • Slow-moving drains in one or more areas in your home
  • Overflow or other water backups in your toilet, tub, or sink
  • Sewage smell or other bad odors coming from your drains
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