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When most of us think about AC systems, we picture complex setups with ducts and vents. But in New England, many homes weren’t built with central air conditioning. For homes without ductwork, dealing with big, heavy window AC units every summer is just part of life. The good news is, that you can still have super-efficient heating and cooling without ducts! Mini-split air conditioners are a ductless option that works just as well to keep your home cool.

If you want to upgrade your home’s cooling with a new ductless system, you’re in the right place. Heritage Home Service is the go-to HVAC company in Massachusetts for installing and maintaining these systems, bringing decades of experience to each and every home.

Mini Split System Installation and Replacement

As the premier installer of ductless systems in Massachusetts, you can count on Heritage to provide you with a solution that will keep you and your family comfortable for the years to come. Our dedicated installation team will arrive at your home to take measurements and listen to your needs, provide you with a customized solution for your home, and in most cases arrange an installation crew to your home the very next day. Whether it’s a system for your entire home or just a single room, we’ll provide you with our knowledge and experience so you can make the right choice for you and your family.

What are the Benefits of Mini-Split Systems?

  • Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings: Mini-split systems give you the flexibility to control the room temperature across multiple zones, meaning that you can save energy by only cooling the rooms that need it. This level of temperature control can save you 30% in monthly energy costs!
  • Air Conditioning & Heating in One System: All ductless air conditioners installed by Heritage also double as heat pumps when the temperatures drop. Heat pumps work like an AC running in reverse, allowing you to heat your home in temperatures as low as -13°F outdoors.
  • Design Flexibility: Mini-split systems use less space to fit all of the necessary components of heating and cooling equipment without the ducts. And since mini-split systems don’t require ductwork, they can be installed virtually anywhere. This makes installing a mini-split system faster, easier, and less expensive than installing new ductwork to accommodate a central AC system.
  • Smart Features & Upgrades: Many mini split systems have smart features that bring an extra layer of convenience to managing your home comfort. With a smartphone app, your ductless AC can identify when you’re out of the house and set an away temperature, set weekly temperature schedules, integrate with smart devices, and provide insights about your energy usage.

Mini-Splits by Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is Heritage Home Service’s brand of choice for their industry leadership and quality products. As a Diamond Dealer of Mitsubishi mini splits, we’re highly qualified to work with all residential Mitsubishi systems and guarantee superior service during your installation.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Mini-Split AC

What is the Difference Between Mini-Splits and Other Air Conditioners?

A ductless mini-split can provide zoned or whole-home cooling and heating. These systems have one or more wall-mounted indoor units (evaporators) that connect to an outdoor condenser through a direct line. They can cool your home just as well as a central air conditioner but provide more advanced temperature control and energy savings. Best of all, they’re a cost-effective way to heat or cool any room in your home without the need to install ductwork.

Can You Have a Central AC and Mini-Split System at the Same Time?

Mini-splits can easily work alongside a central air conditioning system. Even if you have a central AC, sometimes you still have one room that’s too hot and another that’s too cold. 

You may also have recently added to your home, but your existing ductwork doesn’t accommodate that extra space. Most existing ductwork shouldn’t be expanded upon because it was designed to accommodate the exact size and airflow needs of your existing system, so a ductless heat pump. In a situation where you may have added an addition to your home, or you just want to bring cooling/heat to a newly finished space, a heat pump may be right for you.

Are Mini Splits Good for Heating?

Yes! Most standard units are effective down to about 35 degrees, or you can upgrade to a Hyper Heat system so you can heat your home all year round, even down to -13°F. And depending on the layout and size of your system, ductless heat pumps can actually heat your home more efficiently than traditional fossil fuel systems like gas or oil, saving you money during the heating season.

What Maintenance Do Ductless HVAC Systems Need?

Ductless AC and heat pumps need annual maintenance just like any other HVAC system. These services give us the chance to clean your system, inspect all components, and make small repairs before they turn into big expensive problems, ensuring that your mini split continues to work throughout the year. HVAC systems that are routinely maintained operate more efficiently, need fewer repairs, and live longer than those that don’t get the same care.

Don’t Break a Sweat This Summer With a Mini-split System by Heritage

Contrary to what you may have always been told, you can have effective and comfortable cooling in your home even without ductwork. Ask one of our friendly representatives to set up your free consultation and see if a Mitsubishi mini-split system installed by Heritage is right for you.

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